VIDEO: 14-year-old robbed at gunpoint… after selling weed… [UPDATE: ARMED ROBBERY SUSPECT IN CUSTODY]

VIDEO: 14-year-old robbed at gunpoint… after selling weed…  [UPDATE: ARMED ROBBERY SUSPECT IN CUSTODY]

The following is the actual YPD press statement/update:

Yarmouth Police Arrest Suspect in Armed Robbery

On Monday, January 30, 2017 at 5:34PM, members of the Yarmouth Police Department responded to an armed robbery of a 14 year old male in a neighborhood park in the area of Butler Avenue in West Yarmouth.

The victim reported that he was robbed at gun point by four black males. The victim was located nearby and he further advised Police Officers of descriptions of the suspects and more of what occurred; which involved arrangements that he had been made to sell marijuana to another youth.

After he sold the marijuana, he was quickly approached by four teen-aged black males. He said that one of the males pulled a handgun and then assaulted and robbed him.

Yarmouth Police Detectives investigated the case overnight and one of the suspects was located today at 12:00PM and placed under arrest. After an interview and the booking process, he was transported to the Barnstable District Juvenile Court for arraignment.

Because the suspect is a juvenile, the Yarmouth Police Department has decided not to release his complete identity at this time.

The investigation is active and ongoing and additional arrests are expected.

Arrest: 17 YEAR OLD MALE


[This release was prepared and distributed by the Command Staff of the Yarmouth Police Department]



Initial HN coverage:


YARMOUTH – [DEVELOPING] – As you will see in the following video, a 14-year-old boy reported being robbed at gunpoint by a group of males at a neighborhood park/playground between Butler Ave and Reid Ave yesterday.

At about 5:30PM, officers responded to the area of Butler Ave after receiving a report of a group of teens with a large knife chasing someone through back yards in the area…

Moments after the initial report, police received another 911 call from a young male stating he had just been robbed by suspects with a firearm.  Officers quickly learned both phone calls were related to the same incident.

The following video highlights radio transmissions, HN dashcam footage, along with video of police interviewing the victim and gathering evidence.

The investigation is very active and ongoing…


[Press play… select HD in the settings…]




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