ALARMING VIDEO: Drunk Hyannis woman thrown from vehicle without clothes… ends up going back to station with police…

ALARMING VIDEO: Drunk Hyannis woman thrown from vehicle without clothes… ends up going back to station with police…


HYANNIS – As you will hear in the following alarming HN video, at about 8:00PM, Barnstable police squad cars responded to the area of 511 Ocean Street for a report that a drunken women had just been thrown from a vehicle without her clothes…

The woman was no stranger to Barnstable Police, having recently been arrested by them… she also lived nearby to where she was allegedly tossed out.

Hyannis Rescue responded to evaluate her, only to clear the call moments later, saying it was a police matter.

The woman was transported back to police headquarters.


[Press play… Select HD in the settings…]



HN NOTE – HN’s readers are also being harassed and here’s why:

Due to past crimes and ongoing harassment from the Barnstable Police administration, where once friendly Barnstable patrol officers are now forbidden to even saying hello to HN, HN remains unable to report official public information to its readers in a timely manner, as was once customary.

Furthermore, the Barnstable Police administration has historically dealt out information to various media sources in a manner which allows them to attempt to control those publications. HN will not allow the BPD to control what is presented to its readers. Forthcoming information and cooperation are to be expected and HN will not change what is reported based on the BPD administration’s cooperation, or lack thereof.

Police have a duty to cooperate with publications which disseminate information to the public. Police are obligated to cooperate with all media fairly and accurately. In the case of the BPD administration, that has not been the case.

HN will resume normal relations with our public servants upon receiving a written apology from the Town of Barnstable, one which commits to an end of all harassment, once and for all.

In the meantime, HN will continue to publish images and video from scenes, along with details from other sources. HN will also comment on the scene as accurately as possible based on observations.

Without the cooperation of our police administration, there is the risk of inconsistencies when official details are finally released. HN will do its best to avoid and correct all inconsistencies, should they arise… and HN will not tolerate and/or be subjected to police harassment and bullying from individuals entrusted with positions of responsibility.






Ever wonder what I had to go through in the early days to create Hyannis News and be able to get the press releases they gave to everyone else but me?

It was Christmas Eve a few years ago. I hadn’t received a press release, one which had been sent out to everyone else.

Up until that point, removing or not including me on the BPD distribution list had been repeatedly done intentionally over a period of years… wasting my time while these “police officers,” who I can now call malicious jerks sat on their fat asses getting paid.  I was poor and struggling… and determined; they had messed with the wrong guy.

So, I drove to BPD Headquarters that Christmas Eve afternoon and politely asked for the press statement. The desk sergeant wasn’t able to help. I asked to speak with the chief who was still upstairs and I was basically told a meeting wouldn’t happen.

My readers were being deprived of an already prepared public press release that had been sent out to others… and it would have been no extra effort to maintain my email on that list, as I had asked countless times before… but that did not happen, at least not consistently, because I was dealing with a handful of arrogant jerks.  I was fed up and willing to take a stand for myself, my readers, and my business…

So, expecting the usual douchebaggery, I came prepared with a backpack full of HN equipment and provisions to last the weekend.

I called upstairs and told detectives and the administration I was going to set up HN in the department’s lobby and do a live broadcast until the chief addressed the issue of ongoing harassment by not providing press releases.   And I wasn’t going to budge until I got the press release and got permanently added to the distribution list… just like everyone else…

I wasn’t bluffing.

Hours passed and I remember sitting at that lobby table reading “The Catcher in the Rye” by JD Salinger.

I had read it before, but decided to bring it along for affect. I remember some of my friends got a kick out of that when I told them from my new HN office in the lobby of Barnstable Police Headquarters. The book has its negative connotations…

It was humorous to my friends because these particular high ranking imbecile cops historically got off on labeling anyone who didn’t act the way they thought one should act as having “DMH issues…” or in civilian words being “mentally ill.” In their narrow minds, that was their way of somehow gaining the upper hand in just about any situation… and it remains a classic harassment tactic still used to the very day…

… I didn’t want to disappoint.

Well, I thought, if not being like them makes one crazy, then I’d rather be completely nuts! (LOL 😉  )

I’m not sure if anyone else had actually picked up on it, but I could only imagine what these geniuses would read into my choice in reading material while defiantly having a sit-in in their lobby.  I knew their game and harassment tactics, this is what bad cops do… and Barnstable Police has had their share over the years.

It was also a time when levity helped me survive and get through those draining and tedious harassment days.

I remember I was about to order a pizza when word came down the chief would reluctantly see me…

I went upstairs and Chief Macdonald asked if I would’ve sat in the lobby all night….

All night, Christmas day, and as long as it took I told him. I was completely fed up and tired of the harassment from those goons.

Long story short, I got the press release and got placed on the distribution list. And they behaved themselves for the next couple of years…. until they recently started again.

To them, these overpaid jerks, harassing me is something which is their privilege.

And I ask, what kind of government repeatedly interferes with one man’s livelihood?

Up until recently I have been very respectful to these town goons. But things are now different and I don’t think things will improve until we have new leadership in that particular police department.






Robert Bastille


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2 responses to ALARMING VIDEO: Drunk Hyannis woman thrown from vehicle without clothes… ends up going back to station with police…

  1. Lippah May 9th, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    Being prepared for the usual douchebaggery is a good policy to have in Barnstable.


  2. furrypants May 10th, 2017 at 9:15 am

    rob I would like to thank you for your bravery in reporting what’s really going on in Hyannis only people who have come up against this small town strangeness would understand The town of Barnstable is an ugly place and I guess they don’t want you to tell anybody