Barnstable ‘Dicks’ firmly believe they have their family neighborhood shooting suspects…

Barnstable ‘Dicks’ firmly believe they have their family neighborhood shooting suspects…


HYANNIS – In the late afternoon hours of November 24, 2017 – over six days ago! – Barnstable Detectives and their ordinary ‘copper’ counterparts responded to a shooting scene in the area of thickly settled Fresh Holes Road.


(HN NOTE: Despite being an extremely important piece of public safety information, one the general public should definitely know about in a timely manner – at least to some degree, for cautionary purposes – our seemingly misled public servants in the Barnstable Police Administration are just finally getting around to releasing and sharing important details about a very dangerous situation which happened way too close to Hyannis children and families…


Shame on the Barnstable Police Administration for not making the public aware about the following shooting in a more timely manner!
So much for transparency and community policing [this lack thereof has unfortunately become the norm in Barnstable]… And so much for actually demonstrating concern about the people they’ve sworn to protect and serve…


… also, one can only imagine what it must be like for the many decent community oriented cops trying to do their best under such dismal dysfunction.


Nobody thrives under such ineptness and secretive circumstances… and one can only imagine how it must be an entirely miserable situation for the many who simply want to do the right thing, especially those who have fallen from grace with the current self-centered regime.


It’s almost enough to drive one to drink! But I digress…)



According to the BPD’s media statement, officers found a male victim suffering from a 9mm bullet wound! The victim was taken to CCH for treatment and there are no further details on his current condition – nothing – only that his gunshot wound was not believed life-threatening.


Since that date – again, over six days ago – Barnstable Police Detectives have been investigating the shooting… and since that date a 9mm handgun was still out in the community, very likely in the possession of the suspect who already demonstrated he was not afraid to use it!


Now, the so-called police “in charge,” for reasons only they fully understand – being trained administrative professionals and all that good stuff – and that’s giving them a hell of a lot of credit these days – deemed it best to NOT let the public know that a male was shot in the middle of a thickly settled family neighborhood, at 4:15PM on a Friday afternoon!


… a very short time after when the local kids normally would be arriving home from school for the weekend — but on this particular day many were already home after the Thanksgiving holiday!


… and that the dangerous shooter, likely still in possession of that 9mm handgun, was still out running around our family neighborhoods, where our children were out playing, simply trying to enjoy the beginning of the weekend as safely as one can in the very secretive Town of Barnstable!


And they are just getting around to letting us know about all this now?


Six days later?




But don’t worry too much, I’m sure every police officer in the Mid-Cape area knew all the necessary details… you know, for “officer safety.”


(With all due respect, “Give. me. a. freaking. break!”)


[HN NOTE: Again, I don’t know who made the bonehead decision not to share the aforementioned facts with the public, but they should be ashamed of themselves. Talk about poor police work… SMH…]


But now they’re telling us the ‘good news’…


… that since the shooting – the one they didn’t properly let us know about in the first place – detectives believe they have rounded up a couple of the “involved parties,” which is police parlance for the “guys that someone simply ratted on…”


Dilon Smith and Denzel Smith, both 25-years-old, became the focus of our detectives’ scrutiny, according to the way-overdue BPD statement.


Detectives went out and picked up a couple of search warrants, which they served on 11/29/17, this past Wednesday, searching an apartment at 89 Lewis Bay Road in Hyannis, locating clothing they believe was worn by the alleged shooter, Dilon Smith.


Detectives also searched a basement “apartment” located at 177 Megan Road in Hyannis, where they also located their prime suspects, Dilon and Denzel.


While rummaging through the Megan Road address, detectives say they located about 100 grams of Fentanyl, a loaded 9mm pistol (possibly the one used in the shooting), and a loaded .22 caliber revolver.


Detectives arrested Dilon Smith, charging him with Possession of a Class B Substance with Intent to Distribute (Fentanyl), along with the illegal possession of two firearms and ammo.


Dilon Smith was also charged with Assault with Intent to Kill, A&B with a Dangerous Weapon (Firearm), and other related felonies, one having to do with shooting a gun off within 500 feet of a building…


(No kidding! Shooting near buildings is a very bad thing! Especially when those “buildings” are family homes!! But the long-overdue media statement falls short in one area, where it fails to point out that it was also very likely within 500 feet of innocent children and families!!! Families that should have been made aware of the dangerous situation a whole lot sooner…


… oh, like 6 entire days ago… sooner!


But there again, don’t worry your pretty little citizen heads, our trusty police admin likely made the necessary allowances to inform other members of the “law enforcement community”… for, you guessed it again, “officer safety” — but what about “citizen safety?”)


Detectives also mention arresting Denzel Smith, and also charging him with being in possession of the aforementioned drugs and handguns as well…


… along with a bunch of other felonies that must look really impressive on the Criminal Complaint form filed in Barnstable District Court.


But there is one particular charge that also warrants mentioning; that’s the one where our “Career Detectives” charged Denzel Smith with being an armed “Career Criminal,” a title I hope they all can have printed up on their respective official “career” business cards…


(and maybe even on their “Happy Holiday” cards too…)


… and so goes this little thing of theirs, career cops chasing around career criminals in our midst…


Yes, they truly exist among us…


… there’s definitely no escaping that poignant fact.


But when they start “bustin’ caps” in our family neighborhoods, wouldn’t one think it wise that the “career cops” let us “career citizens” know about it a hell of a lot sooner?


* hint hint…





P.S. – The following is a HN public service announcement... Please have a very SAFE and SPLENDIFEROUS weekend! [PRESS PLAY]


#Hyannis #Barnstable




Robert Bastille


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3 responses to Barnstable ‘Dicks’ firmly believe they have their family neighborhood shooting suspects…

  1. Rob Robertson December 1st, 2017 at 6:03 am



  2. Concerned citizen December 1st, 2017 at 6:53 am

    Outrageous, disgusting, and frightening… but I think it has become clear, these days, people in power can do whatever they want, and get away with it.
    I agree with everything you have to say about this situation, but I won’t use my real name to say this. You are a brave man.


  3. furrypants December 1st, 2017 at 7:41 am

    surprise the cops do what they want here in Barnstable same as the town admin-most people are so busy just trying to make a living that they don’t notice or don’t have time to notice until you have to call the police or deal with the town than you get an education in total indifference


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