BPD: Drunken Barnstable man with 5 previous OUI convictions locked up again after allegedly cutting off cop…

BPD:  Drunken Barnstable man with 5 previous OUI convictions locked up again after allegedly cutting off cop…


CENTERVILLE – A Barnstable man with 5 previous drunk driving convictions was arrested again this past Friday for Operating Under the Influence after allegedly cutting off a cop.

Some people just never learn…

… and I think I may have an idea why.

In 1984 the suspect received probation after being found guilty for OUI.
In 1986 he received a 6 month suspended sentence and was placed on probation after being found guilty of OUI.
In 1992 the suspect was found guilty again and received another 90 day suspended sentence.
In 1994 the suspect was found guilty, got a 90 day suspended sentence, but this time served 10 days “committed.”

Now for all you peeps who keep saying “the system is way too soft on dangerous repeat offenders,” the next conviction may make a little more sense…

… because in 2006, old “Mr. Drunkie Drive” finally received 18 months “committed” after being found guilty of OUI, yet again!

Hallelujah! Now go and sin no more my son…

(The above information according to a Barnstable Police resport…)


Which brings us up-to-date, Friday June 16th, 2017, at 8:45PM when Barnstable Police Patrolman Michael Lima was on routine uniformed cruiser patrol in the area of Phinney’s Lane when he observed a white pickup truck not using its directional lights, according to a police report.

When Patrolman Lima approached, the pickup suddenly pulled out in front of his cruiser, causing him to hastily hit the brakes… his cruiser stopping within just feet of the truck…

… the truck then continued to turn left and continue onward with a driver who appeared to be “disconnected to his surroundings” behind the wheel.

Before stopping the pickup, the patrolman observed it crossing the yellow line while making no apparent attempts to correct itself. It also took the driver a longer than usual time to pull over and stop for the officer… and when he did, the patrolman noticed the driver was still drinking some sort of beverage.

The truck wreaked of booze…

According to the report, the suspect stumbled when exiting the truck and had to use the truck to regain any semblance of balance.

The suspect attempted a couple field sobriety tests and failed, according to the report. When asked to participate in one more final test, the suspect cut Patrolman Lima off and said he was all done with testing, deciding then to “lawyer up.”

Like a pro, the suspect then refused to cooperate during the arrest process from that point forward, saying things like, “not talking without my lawyer,” like a Straight-up G!

Needless to say, the experienced suspect also refused to participate in a Breathalyzer.

Police inventoried and took photos of some of the following items located inside the truck’s passenger compartment:

—  16 empty Fireball nips (of course…)
—  12 full Fireball nips (at least he didn’t wander out unprepared…)
—  A 6 pack of Heineken
—  A 24 ounce open Heineken can, jammed between the seat and some tools…
—  2 empty water bottles (now, that stuff will kill you – NOT!)

James Robert Gall, age 51, of 68 Chickadee Lane in Barnstable, was arrested and transported back to BPD Headquarters where he was booked for the following:

—  Marked Lanes Violation
—  Operating Negligently so as to Endanger
—  Failing to Signal Before Turning
—  OUI Liquor, 4th + (or more) Offense
—  Operating on License Suspended for OUI
—  Operating With an Open Container

Gall was released after his arraignment on $1000 cash bail… under the condition he would not drive any motor vehicle between his release and his next court appearance “or else!” – actually, strike that – there’s nothing to indicate the judge actually said “or else!” But it was stipulated in court documents that Gall would be held without bail should he violate the aforementioned conditions of his release.

I don’t know about you, but I feel much safer on the roads now – NOT!

*  All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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One response to BPD: Drunken Barnstable man with 5 previous OUI convictions locked up again after allegedly cutting off cop…

  1. Chaos June 21st, 2017 at 8:06 pm

    This guy had a lisence. One oui that I plead out to in 93′ and they won’t allow me to drive. This makes me want to drive a truck through their building.