BPD’S SIDE OF THE STORY: Hyannis man allegedly bit officer’s thumb… tried to grab officer’s gun… and wound up at Boston hospital… [PART 2 – DEVELOPING]

BPD’S SIDE OF THE STORY: Hyannis man allegedly bit officer’s thumb… tried to grab officer’s gun… and wound up at Boston hospital… [PART 2 – DEVELOPING]


HYANNIS – The following is Barnstable Police Patrolman Nolan O’Melia’s actual police report (typed word for word):

1. On Sunday 06/18/2017 I, Officer Nolan O’Melia, was assigned to plain clothes in marked Barnstable Police cruiser E235 to the village of Hyannis. My primary objective for the evening was to be assigned with Officer Brown in plain clothes to conduct surveillance on narcotics activity in the area of Camp St, Cedar St and surrounding side roads of Hyannis in unmarked Barnstable Police cruiser E221.

2. At approx. 0219 hrs. units were dispatched to 14 Terry Ct for an unknown disturbance, Officer Brown and I responded on foot since we were nearby. It should be noted that prior the call coming in, Officer Brown and I were conducting a park and walk; I could hear a male and female arguing in the distance but could not locate an exact location. Just prior to the dispatch of this call, I did hear a vehicle leaving the area and advised dispatch. Sgt. Perry arrived in the area just after the dispatch and initiated a motor vehicle stop on MA Reg. 3VZ365 in the parking lot of 140 Camp St. Upon speaking with the occupants, it was determined that the operator of the motor vehicle was the victim of an unarmed robbery following a narcotics transaction gone wrong. The victim identified Kimarley Salmon as the suspect and stated he was located at 14 Terry Ct., believed to be wearing a white shirt. []

3. Sgt. Perry, Officer M. Palmer, Officer Fries, Officer Heise and I made our way to the residence at 14 Terry Ct. in an attempt to locate the suspect Kimarley Salmon. As officers began to set up a perimeter on the residence, [Redacted] Belle exited the residence at 14 Terry Ct. Belle was quickly detained, handcuffed behind the back, for investigative purposes by Officer Fries as Sgt. Perry and Officer Palmer continued to order individuals out of the residence. Following Belle from the residence was [Redacted] Dixon who I detained, handcuffed behind the back, D/L, in belief that she may have an active warrant. [Redacted] Waddell and [Redacted] Lippard also exited the residence and were also detained and advised to be seated on the steps of the porch pending further investigation.

4. At that time I heard Sgt. Perry and Officer M. Palmer give several commands to a male subject to exit the residence. From my location I observed this subject to [be] uncooperative in exiting and moving around residence. This male subject, later identified as Kelesto Salmon, was then escorted out of the residence by Officer M. Palmer.  It should be noted for purposes of this report; Kelesto is the brother of the unarmed robbery suspect Kimarley Salmon. The two are close in age, similar in size and stature and do not have any distinctive marks, scars or tattoos to them apart.

5. Due to the ongoing investigation, Officer Fries and I attempted to detain Kelesto to confirm his identity. Officer Fries advised Kelesto to place his hands behind his back to be detained. Kelesto began yelling and screaming for help at this time. As Officer Fries drew his handcuffs and attempted to secure them on Kelesto, he began to actively resist and turn away from Officer Fries and I. With Officer Fries in control of his right arm, I gained control of Kelesto’s left arm in attempt to secure him in handcuffs. Kelesto then began to violently thrash his body in a attempt to get away from our grasp causing all three of us to fall from the porch into a vehicle parked in the driveway.

6. As Officer Fries and I continued to struggle with Kelesto, he then became physically assaultive with officers. Kelesto began to thow several closed fist strikes towards Officer Fries and I, striking both of us several times in the face and upper body. I delivered several closed fist distractionary strikes to Kelesto’s torso area in attempt to gain control of him to take him into custody. I made several verbal commands to “stop resisting, stop resisting” to Kelesto with no effect. During the struggle, Officer Fries and I, along with Kelesto fell to the ground as he continued to attempt to strike us. Officer Fries, who was now down in the roadway facing Kelesto (currently laying on his left hand side), attempted to gain control of him as I positioned behind him.

7. Officer Heise arrived to assist us in attempting to take Kelesto into custody. I requested to dispatch that we needed additional units to our location. It was at that time I heard Officer Fries yelling in an elevated voice, “he’s biting me, he’s biting me, he’s got my thumb.” I then delivered multiple strikes, closed fist strikes to the rear of Kelesto’s head with my flashlight, which was in my possession as a tool to illuminate the scene, to get Kelesto to release Officer Fries’ thumb from his mouth. My strikes were successful and Kelesto released Officer Fries from the bite. All three officers continued to struggle with Kelesto in an attempt to take him into custody. Commands were still being given to Kelesto to stop resisting arrest as he now had rolled onto his back. Kelesto then rolled slightly to his right side and to the direction of where Officer Heise was positioned. Officer Heise then began to yell that Kelesto was attempting to gain control of his firearm which was holstered at the time. Officer Heise advised several times “he has my gun, he has my gun.” Due to the escalating severity of the incident and fear for the safety of all individuals on scene if Kelesto did take possession of Officer Heise’s firearm, I delivered three closed fist strikes to Kelesto’s face, in the area of his left eye, using my flashlight as a tool of immediate means.

8. Officer Heise was able to gain full control of his firearm as a result of my strikes and drew his Taser from his holster. Officer Heise delivered a drive stun to Kelesto’s lower body [with] little to no effect as he continued to actively resist and fight with officers. Sgt. Perry arrived on scene and assisted in getting Kelesto onto his stomach. Officers were able to get control of his right arm and successfully apply one handcuff to him. Additional distractionary strikes to Kelesto’s body were given and his left arm was also secured into the handcuffs. Kelesto was assisted to his feet and escorted to the intersection of Terry Ct and Camp St to be secured in a cruiser.

9. During this time, Kimarley [exited] the residence of 74 Camp St. and was taken into custody by Officer Brown who arrived on scene during the struggle. I then walked to the end of the roadway and assisted Officer Fries as Kelesto was now on the ground complaining of an alleged seizure. I requested Hyannis Fire [to] our location for Kelesto. Kelesto suddenly no longer showed signs of a seizure and became verbally abusive towards officers. Kelesto made several threats towards Officer Fries and I; stating to take him out of handcuffs to fight him. Kelesto then leaned back from the ground and kicked me in the lower body. Officer Fries and I then were required to physically restrain Kelesto again. Sgt. Perry then secure handcuffs on Kelesto’s legs.

10. Hyannis FD arrived on scene at this time. Sgt. Perry, Officer Fries and I then assisted Kelesto to his feet at which time he stated “I’m gonna fucking kill you mother fuckers.” Kelesto was secured to the stretcher and I rode inside the Hyannis ambulance to the hospital as Officer Fries followed in his cruiser. Upon arrival at CCH, Kelesto continued to be combative towards this officer as well as staff. Kelesto eventually calmed down and was handcuffed on both sides to the hospital bed. It was determined by ER staff that Kelesto needed to be medicated prior to receiving any medical treatment. ER nurses attempted to deliver medication to Kelesto via IM delivery. Kelesto then began to thrash around again, throwing himself up and off the bed, kicking me multiple times in the face, knocking the hat on my head off. Kelesto continued to be assaultive and required several CCH Security members along with Sgt. Perry and I to hold him down. During this process I delivered several closed fist strikes to Kelesto’s torso area as he actively has a hold of my shirt and ripped my lower portion of my bulletproof vest from [my] person.

11. Kelesto was eventually restrained and placed into four point restraints by CCH staff. Nurses then successfully medicated Kelesto for treatment. It should be noted that during this altercation, Kelesto suffered a self inflicted laceration to his right wrist while attempting to pull himself out of the handcuff which had been secured there.

12. BCI CIO Brian Skinner had been requested to the scene. CIO Skinner photographed the injuries suffered to Officer Fries and I along with Kelesto. CIO Skinner also photographed the damage to my bulletproof vest. Officers stood by at CCH pending the evaluation of Kelesto pending his release on a temporary warrant. Sgt. Perry contacted Clerk Magistrate Robert Kelley who issued a temporary warrant for Kelesto Salmon on the following charges:


13. At this time [of the report], Salmon has not been released from the hospital and was transported to Boston Medical Center. I am currently requesting a warrant for Kelesto Salmon for the above listed charges along with an additional charge which could be found in Officer Fries’ narrative of the following:

C. 265 S. 13A A&B

14. Attached to this report are copies of Sgt. Perry, Officer Fries and Officer Heise’s supplemental narratives. All officer involved have completed the proper use of force reports which have also been attached to the report.


HN NOTE: This concludes Barnstable Police Patrolman Nolan O’Melia’s narrative report of the incident. It should also be noted 4 police officers, including Officers O’Melia and Fries, were treated and released for what were classified as “apparent minor” injuries.

This also concludes HN’s PART 2 of this story.



*All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.



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