BREAKING – HN SPECIAL REPORT: Why was a Barnstable Sergeant’s police business cards and IDs behind the wheel of a suspected drunk driving wreck? [MULTIPLE HN VIDEOS]

BREAKING – HN SPECIAL REPORT: Why was a Barnstable Sergeant’s police business cards and IDs behind the wheel of a suspected drunk driving wreck?  [MULTIPLE HN VIDEOS]


HN REPORT: Shortly after Monday evening’s accident which involved a Toyota Tundra slamming into and snapping a high tension utility pole which sent the driver to CCH and closed down Route 6A into the early morning hours, HN began receiving confidential communications that the individual behind the wheel was allegedly a Barnstable Police Sergeant, currently on paid administrative leave, and who was suspected of allegedly being drunk at the time of the crash.

Click here to read HN’s initial coverage of Monday evening’s crash scene.

The following is the 1st of 3 HN Videos related to, or highlighting, Monday evening’s crash scene…




After receiving confidential tips this morning, HN investigated the heavily damaged Toyota Tundra from Monday evening’s crash… which was being stored at a local towing company’s impound area.

As you will see in the brief 2nd of 3 HN Videos, HN located Barnstable Sergeant Christopher Challies’s police business cards stored in plain view (the door was open) behind the driver side visor of the wrecked Tundra. Upon further investigation, HN took photos of another ID belonging to Sergeant Challies which was in plain view (through an open driver side door) on the driver side floor area of the Tundra.

Was Sergeant Challies behind the wheel when the Tundra snapped the utility pole on Route 6A Monday evening? Was Sergeant Challies the driver transported from the scene to CCH with injuries not believed to have been life threatening?

Was Barnstable Police Sergeant Christopher Challies drunk at the time of the crash?

These questions are important because Sergeant Challies, according to informants and past HN coverage, has been suspected of having problems with alcohol, which led to past incidents of alleged drunk driving, among other things.
In fact, HN broke a story this past April where Sergeant Challies was placed on paid administrative leave and was being investigated for leaving his loaded high capacity firearm in the bathroom of a Bourne restaurant. A ten-year-old boy found the loaded handgun and alerted his father about what he had found. The boy thankfully was not hurt, but according to HN informants, Challies was suspected of allegedly being drunk at the time when he left his firearm behind inside the restaurant’s bathroom. The incident had actually occurred way back in September of 2016 and was kept from the public until HN broke the story this past April.

The Cape Cod Times picked up on the HN story and wrote the following article. Where one can learn, in a move which surprised many, Challies was not going to be charged with felonies related to leaving his loaded gun behind for a ten-year-old to find.




In the following 2nd of 3 HN Videos, you will see the heavily damaged Tundra and Barnstable Police business cards and ID.

Was Sergeant Challies behind the wheel during the crash? If so, was Sergeant Challies intoxicated at the time of the crash?

Judging from the heavy damage, the driver is extremely lucky he didn’t kill himself or someone else!



In the 3rd of 3 HN Videos, you will see HN speaking with Barnstable Police Lieutenant John Murphy. Murphy was the man in charge of Monday night’s accident scene. Murphy also visited the driver of the Tundra at CCH, apparently to further investigate the accident. Was he investigating Sergeant Challies? If so, was he investigating Sgt. Challies for possibly being intoxicated at the time of the crash? Several informants indicate the driver of the Tundra was likely intoxicated.

HN informants expressed immediate concerns about Lt. Murphy being in charge of the case. Lt. Murphy was once suspected of being drunk himself when he left the scene where he crashed his cruiser into another vehicle.

According to HN informants, Lt. Murphy also recently showed up to work intoxicated. He was allegedly given a Breathalyzer by the Deputy Chief and sent home. It is widely believed that Lt. Murphy allegedly has been struggling with alcohol issues which have impacted his performance as a Barnstable Police Officer. HN sent in a Freedom of Information Request regarding the recent allegations of Lt. Murphy being sent home after failing a Breathalyzer this past fall of 2016.


The following is that actual Freedom of Information Request and the subsequent reply:


Sent: Monday, May 01, 2017 9:02 PM
To: Hinckley, Kathy

Subject: Freedom of information request

Dear Ms. Hinckley,

1. I’m looking to obtain all records and reports, written and/or electronic, regarding an incident where Lt. John Murphy showed up to work intoxicated and was sent home after taking a Breathalyzer administered by Deputy Chief Sonnabend.

I also want the results of that Breathalyzer test.

This incident was reported to me recently and allegedly occurred in recent months.
2. I’m also looking into a recent cruiser crash in the Cape Codder parking lot, involving Lt. John Murphy… I need all records and reports regarding that incident.

Thank you very much.


Please email or call 508-280-7374 should you have any questions.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Bastille

The reply from the Town of Barnstable and its police department to the information request was NOT very forthcoming NOR at all transparent. HN had serious concerns Lt. Murphy’s alleged issues with alcohol were likely putting himself, fellow employees, and the general public in grave danger. Lt. Murphy is currently the patrol commander for the 4 to Midnight shift. It is also HN’s very strong opinion that the Town of Barnstable is complicit in allowing crimes and dangerous behaviors to go unchecked within their police department… [DEVELOPING]


The following is the official reply from the Town of Barnstable and BPD on the specific inquiry into the alarming allegations of Lt. John Murphy showing up for duty intoxicated and being sent home after failing a Breathalyzer test:


“personnel and medical files or information; also any other materials or data relating to a specifically named individual, the disclosure of which may constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”


HN NOTE: Lt. John Murphy is also being investigated for his suspected ongoing involvement with actively interfering with the documentation of crime and accident scenes by the press.


The following 3rd of 3 HN Videos shows HN speaking with Lt. Murphy, trying to get to the bottom of very troubling accusations that Sergeant Challies may have been recklessly driving drunk when a Toyota Tundra slammed into and snapped a utility pole this past Monday evening.




***** HN NOTE: Lt. Murphy returned after saying he would provide the police log stating he called his superiors and they now told him he was forbidden from doing so. *****


HN NOTE: The lack of transparency and cooperation with the public’s right to know appears to be a serious and dangerous ongoing issue with the Town of Barnstable, and the BPD specifically…

Bottom line, the lack of transparency and accountability in Barnstable is (and will continue to be) a serious threat and danger to innocent civilians and police employees…
Within the past year, HN has unfortunately uncovered multiple examples of ongoing corruption within the Town of Barnstable, especially its police administration. HN will continue to write about and expose the illegal activities and obvious abuses of power within our government until they are completely rectified and/or eradicated… [DEVELOPING]



#Hyannis #Barnstable




Robert Bastille


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4 responses to BREAKING – HN SPECIAL REPORT: Why was a Barnstable Sergeant’s police business cards and IDs behind the wheel of a suspected drunk driving wreck? [MULTIPLE HN VIDEOS]

  1. Cheryl October 19th, 2017 at 2:24 am

    Firstly –
    Heaven help our first responders – they are human too.
    Coping with all they encounter on a daily basis might drive (no pun intended) anyone to drink. We should keep them in our prayers.
    They are not above the law they serve, and we have the right to expect due process and disclosure.


  2. Thomas October 19th, 2017 at 6:01 am

    Good work on this story. What’s going on over there?


  3. Steve D. October 19th, 2017 at 8:04 am

    “Coping…might drive (no pun intended) anyone to drink.” I agree it might, BUT there’s a profound line between having a few drinks at home vs. heavy drinking AND making an impaired and extremely dangerous decision to drive. That’s a major threat to the public and shouldn’t be tolerated. Just like the loaded firearm found in a public bathroom by a 10 yr old boy.

    I also highly praise and respect all First Responders, BUT there are way too many incidents from drunk driving on the Cape and my thoughts and prayers are for the innocent victims.

    And finally, the BPD needs to respond to Freedom of Information requests. If denied, it must be explained why and not with “my superior says no”.


  4. Cheryl October 20th, 2017 at 1:11 am

    Agreed Steve