COPS: Sex offender whipped out flare gun, reached for knife… officer suffered injury…

COPS:  Sex offender whipped out flare gun, reached for knife… officer suffered injury…

SOUTH YARMOUTH – A plainclothes cop spotted a violent Level 3 Sex Offender wanted for rape and local break-ins riding a bicycle behind Planet Fitness off Long Pond Drive earlier today at 11:44AM.

When encountered, the rape suspect violently resisted arrest, according to a YPD media statement.

The homeless sex offender reportedly whipped out a flare gun and fired at the police officer… it’s uncertain whether the flare hit the officer, or even came close, but according to the statement, the suspect also reached for a knife during the attack.

Off-duty officers came to assist as the officer overcame the attacker, who was eventually placed in custody.

HN spoke with Yarmouth Police Chief Frank Frederickson and learned his officer suffered minor injuries, but was released from CCH and will be okay.

Cahoon, on the other hand, is currently under heavy armed guard at CCH, being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Cahoon will be held in custody at Yarmouth Police Department Headquarters overnight and is scheduled for arraignment in the Barnstable District Court tomorrow on numerous new charges including the attack and shooting at a Police Officer as well as several break-ins and a pending rape case.

The Yarmouth Police Department expressed gratefulness their officer, along with the other off-duty Police Officers who came to his defense, were not seriously injured.

Yarmouth police had been actively looking for the suspect, Kevin F. Cahoon, a convicted Level 3 Sex Offender with a history of violence.

Kevin F. Cahoon, age 53, was wanted on felony warrants for his involvement in recent Yarmouth break-ins, as well as failing to appear in court after being bailed for his May 2017 arrest for the Rape of a Mentally Retarded Adult in Yarmouth.

Cahoon is reportedly well-known to Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement and has a long violent record of criminal charges throughout Massachusetts.

Cahoon has already served over 20 years incarceration…

Yarmouth Police had also recently received intelligence he was trying to obtain a firearm to shoot Police Officers when confronted.

Cahoon’s current address was unknown and he was believed to be a member of the local homeless population, living in wooded areas or abandoned homes in the mid-Cape area.






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