BARNSTABLE COPS: Suspect critically injured victim, severely fracturing his eye, stabbing him in shoulder and neck… [DISTURING HN AUDIO]

BARNSTABLE COPS: Suspect critically injured victim, severely fracturing his eye, stabbing him in shoulder and neck… [DISTURING HN AUDIO]


HYANNIS – [Investigation began October 8, 2017 – Here’s the rest of the story…] – As you will hear in the following disturbing HN Audio, CCH was placed on trauma alert in the early morning hours of Oct. 8 after a man was discovered covered with blood, bleeding from apparent stab wounds to the shoulder and back of his head/neck.
At about 1:35AM, Barnstable squad cars responded to the area of Phillips Road and Saint Joseph Street to investigate a report of a loud party and people arguing.
Police also received a second report of an unknown person banging on the front door of a Saint Joseph Street residence.
Upon further investigation, officers discovered a severely injured blood covered 30-year-old man at 51 Saint Joseph Street. He was reportedly “bleeding pretty good” from stab wounds to the head area and shoulder.

Officers traced a trail of blood back to the roadway in front of 3 Phillips Road, the location of the recently dispersed loud party, and likely location of the stabbing…
This was a very active 3 week investigation, involving Barnstable Police patrol officers and detectives, along with crime scene investigative services from the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office…

The following HN Audio highlights the bloodbath and early stages of the BPD’s investigation.




THE REST OF THE STORY – The following press statement tells the rest of that story from the early morning hours of Oct. 8, 2017…

October 31, 2017

In the early morning hours of Sunday October 8, 2017, the Barnstable Police responded to the area of Phillips Street in Hyannis for what was reported as a disturbance. Upon arrival officers came upon an individual that was covered in blood and suffering from major injuries around his head and neck area. The victim reported that he had been assaulted by several subjects while outside a party on Phillips Street.

The victim was transported to Cape Cod Hospital where he was treated for a severe facial fracture around his right eye, a stab wound on his right shoulder as well as a stab wound to his head and neck. The victim’s injuries were so critical that he was transported to a Boston trauma center for treatment and observation.

As the result of an extensive investigation by the Barnstable Police Department Detective Division, 30-year-old Anthony Barrows of Yarmouth was developed as one of the suspects who had assaulted the victim. Barrows is known to the Barnstable Police and has an extensive violent criminal history. On October 25, 2017 Barrows motor vehicle was stopped and he was subsequently arrested by Barnstable Police Detectives with the assistance of the Yarmouth Police Department. Barrows was charged with Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Assault and Battery with Serious Bodily Injury, and Assault with Intent to Murder and arraigned on those charges October 26, 2017 in Barnstable District Court.

Furthermore, as a result of his arrest, a search warrant was executed on Barrows vehicle and nearly 5 pounds of marijuana packaged for resale was seized. Barrows was arraigned on October 30 for Possession of a Class D Substance with Intent to Distribute, Subsequent Offense.

Based on the above assault investigation, a dangerousness hearing was held at the Barnstable District Court and as a result Barrows is currently being detained at the Barnstable County House of Corrections for 120 days.






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