COPS: Yarmouth man found unconscious at intersection with car still in drive… still “dazed and confused” even after Narcan took hold…

COPS: Yarmouth man found unconscious  at intersection with car still in drive… still “dazed and confused” even after Narcan took hold…

The following is the actual YPD press statement:
On Wednesday November 15, 2017 at 1PM, the Yarmouth Police and Fire Departments responded to a citizen report of a male subject was passed out behind the steering wheel of his vehicle at the intersection of Taft Road and Winslow Gray Road in West Yarmouth.

Yarmouth Police Department Patrol Officer David S. Dickey arrived at the scene as well as Yarmouth Fire Department personnel and approached the vehicle and noticed that the male driver was unconscious, the vehicle was still in drive, and the motor was running.

Rescue personnel were able to put the vehicle into park and shut the vehicle off.

Rescue personnel then administered a dose of nasal Narcan to the operator, after a few minutes the operator started to come around but was still very dazed and confused. Rescue personnel removed the operator from the vehicle and onto a stretcher so that he could be transported to Cape Cod Hospital.

While on the stretcher, rescue personnel were removing the driver’s sweatshirt in order to obtain a pulse/blood pressure reading. While taking the sweatshirt off rescue personnel wanted to make sure that no needles or other harmful items were present that could injury rescue personnel. During the pat down of the operator clothing, three items were located the front pocket of the drivers sweatshirt. Located was a syringe with a brown liquid, a small glassine baggy with a white/brown rock, and a spoon.

All three items were taken into this Officer custody as evidence.
The operator was identified as Michael J. Daley. A license check revealed that Daley has a revoked driver’s license.

Because Taft Road and Winslow Gray Road is a heavily traveled area, and the fact that many children get on and off the bus at this location, Daley is also charged with Operating a motor vehicle to endanger.

Yarmouth Police Detective Michael Wells conducted a follow up at Cape Cod Hospital and spoke with Daley. Daley advised Detective Wells that he purchased some heroin and shot up, he stated that he must have used too much because he overdosed.

The vehicle involved, Massachusetts registration 175MF5 1999 Ford Taurus was towed from the scene. All evidence was tagged and placed into an evidence locker.

The Yarmouth Police Department commends the Good Samaritan citizen for taking action and notifying us immediately. The actions taken helped save a life and prevent a tragedy.



Address: 166 SEAVIEW AVE Apt. #2-A S YARMOUTH, MA
Age: 47




* All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in Barnstable Court of law…





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