DEVELOPING: Woman chemically burned in outdoor meth operation… [VIDEO]

DEVELOPING: Woman chemically burned in outdoor meth operation… [VIDEO]

PHOTO: Meth camp structure after officials started tearing it down today…

Police and firefighters responded after a woman was reportedly burned on her face and eyes. Amanda White, age 32, homeless, was treated and released from CCH… she was also charged with manufacturing methamphetamine. Eric Trezise, age 32, homeless, was the second suspect arrested. He was also charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.


Initial HN coverage:

BARNSTABLE – [DEVELOPING] – The following video shows the response to an outdoor meth lab inside of a winter camp in a wooded area off Perseverance Way, just over the line from Hyannis into the village of Barnstable…

Details are still developing and police are working on a press statement, but Barnstable patrol officers and rescue reportedly responded early this morning when a woman received some kind of chemical burn from the production of methamphetamines, officials eventually learned.

As if she didn’t want to give up the camp’s location, police became suspicious upon learning the woman had walked out of the woods to meet rescue at the entrance to a nearby parking area.

Police investigated further and discovered the volatile meth operation..

The DEA activated and deployed their Clandestine Lab Unit, the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad, as well as the Massachusetts Hazardous Chemical response unit to the scene.

HN has also learned that arrests have been made… and the woman reportedly will survive her chemical burns…

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The following video highlights the scene and inside of the camp which had been partially torn apart by law enforcement agents and firefighters…


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  1. Mat January 9th, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    They are just boys


  2. Anonymous January 10th, 2017 at 9:39 am

    This is going to do wonders for our local economy. Awesome!