DOWNTOWN: Man slashing self with razor located and saved by police and firefighters… [VIDEO/AUDIO]

DOWNTOWN: Man slashing self with razor located and saved by police and firefighters… [VIDEO/AUDIO]

WARNING – The content in the following video may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is highly advised.


HN NOTES: Police and firefighters deal with suicidal individuals on a daily basis in the Hyannis area.

Poverty, drugs, mental illness, and an unusually high concentration of mental illness services are just some of the many reasons we routinely see scenes like the following in the downtown Hyannis area.

Police and firefighters routinely encounter desperate individuals who have sadly lost regard for their own safety, and sometimes the safety of others as well…

As you’ll hear and see in the following video, Barnstable Police received a report that a man was actively cutting himself with a razor in the area of North Street. Every second mattered as multiple officers teamed up to communicate description details while searching the area.

Within minutes, a patrolman located the distraught man in the area of 7-Eleven on North Street. The man didn’t want help and took off running from officers. Other officers converged on the area after reports confirmed that the man was actively cutting himself with a razor blade.

The distraught man was finally stopped and taken to the ground on the sidewalk near the intersection of Bassett Lane and Main Street.

Shocked bystanders watched as police and firefighters restrained the combative blood covered patient.

Medics were eventually able to bandage the man’s wrist as police officers helped firefighters struggle to secure him on a stretcher.

Once restrained, the actively suicidal male was rushed to CCH under police escort, where he’ll hopefully get the help he needs…


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3 responses to DOWNTOWN: Man slashing self with razor located and saved by police and firefighters… [VIDEO/AUDIO]

  1. Anon December 9th, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    I also hope he gets the help he needs. I’ve been there in the darkest hour when I felt totally alone and in extreme mental anguish and pain. I cut myself once, but it was more of a gesture to get help. And I did. To this man, don’t give up. It’s not easy, but stay safe while you get help. Find the strength to take on one day at a time. Don’t listen to the demons in your head. Find something, inspirational music, a book or a friend to reach out to. Just remember that you are not alone. You take care of yourself.


  2. tall guy December 14th, 2016 at 7:12 am

    why is it crime, to hurt oneself, but okay to be shooting up on Main St. with needles provided by the state


  3. Ann Handrinos December 14th, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    In this situation ,seeing and knowing the man I am so thankful they did find him.
    He did not have much but a hard life . He would do anything to help anybody, has a good heart and I pray he is ok !
    As far as the comment of being ok to shoot up on Main St. being ok is the most ridiculous thing I have heard! Obviously the police would try to help him ! We need to look out for each other in these times and the Barnstable Police did the best they could to keep him alive!