DRUG DEAL GONE BAD: Hyannis man allegedly punched 53-year-old woman in face, stole cash… his 2nd felony case in a week…

DRUG DEAL GONE BAD: Hyannis man allegedly punched 53-year-old woman in face, stole cash… his 2nd felony case in a week…


BARNSTABLE – Kimarley Salmon was no stranger in Barnstable District Court this past week.

Yesterday morning – Sunday, June 18, 2017 – Plainclothes patrol officers Brown and O’Melia were laying low in the Cedar Street and Terry Court area after receiving citizen complaints of narcotic activity, according to police reports.

At about 2:00AM, Officers Brown and O’Melia heard loud voices coming from Terry Court as Sgt. Perry was also dispatched to 14 Terry Court regarding some type of disturbance.

Upon arrival, Sgt. Perry stopped a vehicle leaving Terry Court at a high rate of speed… and plainclothes Patrolmen Brown and O’Melia quickly provided backup at a parking lot on Camp Street.

An emotional 53-year-old female driver was short of breath while tearfully telling officers she had just been robbed by someone called “Marley.” A 29-year-old female passenger confirmed her story.

The victim stated she was simply attempting a friendly narcotic transaction at 14 Terry Court, when a six foot tall man (unknown at the time) grabbed her money and cell phone… punching her in the face before pushing her off some steps onto a paved driveway.

Officers noted the victim was bleeding from a scraped knee and had some redness on her face. The victim also complained of a tender right shoulder.

The culprit reportedly threw the victim’s phone on the ground and made off with the $100.00 she had budgeted for drug shopping.

The victim then picked up her phone, quickly calling cops before hightailing it out of Terry Court.

Then officers said, “Whoa there Missy!” – actually, strike that  —  it’s uncertain if those were the actual words, but they likely said something similar after activating their blue lights so she would pull over…

The passenger confirmed the victim’s story; in fact, she was alongside her when she initially went up to 14 Terry Court for some early morning drug shopping.

Having heard enough, several officers went to 14 Terry Court to have a word with the suspect, if they could locate him…

And a short while later, all hell broke loose…

Sgt. Perry could be heard yelling and Patrolman O’Melia hopped on the radio requesting backup (as can be heard in the following HN Video).

Responding officers observed several other officers involved in a “combative struggle” with an unknown male, while another officer was dealing with several individuals on the front porch. It was a volatile situation, to say the least…

Officer Brown then observed some guy trying to video record the combative struggle with his cell phone. Officer Brown immediately identified the male as Kimarley Salmon, the robbery suspect, placing him in custody.

Kimarley Salmon, A.K.A. “Marley,” age 21, of 74 Camp Street in Hyannis was transported back to BPD Headquarters where he was booked for the felonies of Robbery and Assault & Battery by Dangerous Weapon (pavement).

Kimarley was also charge with A&B for allegedly punching the 53-year-victim in the face during what turned out to be a foiled drug purchase.

But wait, there’s more!

Just 6 days ago, June 13, 2017, at about 3:00PM, cops went flying toward the Cape Cod Mall after security observed some guy pull a knife and start waving it around…  inside, in the area of CVS.

According to the police report, several mall shoppers suddenly turned to fight one another after someone was walking too slow… and guess who was waving the knife around in someone’s face (according to the report)?

If you guessed Kimarley Salmon, you would be right!

After locating a knife in a nearby mall trash barrel, Salmon was arrested and hauled in for Assault by a Dangerous Weapon (a knife).

It’s been a bad week for Kimarley.

The following video shows Kimarley Salmon being taken into custody today in Barnstable District Court. The Commonwealth motioned to revoke Salmon’s bail, concerned he may be a general danger to society.

Judge Kathryn E. Hand allowed the motion after carefully reviewing the defense’s arguments and police reports…


All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.




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