EARLY MORNING ROBBERY: Parking attendant claims two men stole $5000 and fled on foot… [EMERGENCY AUDIO]

EARLY MORNING ROBBERY: Parking attendant claims two men stole $5000 and fled on foot… [EMERGENCY AUDIO]

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HYANNIS – [DEVELOPING] – As you will hear in the following HN Video, at about 6:55AM this morning, a man reported he had just been robbed of $5000 by two men who fled the area on foot…

Barnstable Police Officers quickly responded to a parking lot business at 53 Pleasant Street where they learned the parking attendant had just been robbed. (It remains uncertain whether any weapons were shown…)

The victim reported the suspects fled toward Old Colony Road, but other witnesses observed the suspects running in the complete opposite direction toward School Street.

Witnesses also identified two possible suspects who turned out to be no strangers to local police.

As you will hear in the following audio, one alleged suspect was identified as a 33-year-old man recently released from prison. He has a significant history of criminal charges such as A&B with a Dangerous Weapon, A&B on a Police Officer, Intimidating a Witness, and drug possession (according to sources).

The second alleged suspect is a 35-year-old man, who may be homeless, with a history of criminal charges such as felony larceny, OUI, and other motor vehicle charges.

A Yarmouth Police K-9 Unit arrived to assist in attempting to track down both suspects.

A about an hour after the crime, police received a call from a woman at nearby 58 Yarmouth Road reporting a man had just attempted to gain access to her home. A police sergeant met with her and reviewed video surveillance footage, confirming that it was one of the suspects they were looking for…

Police continued looking north along Yarmouth Road and the railroad tracks, crossing over Route 28 to where they searched a homeless camp…

… but they were unable to locate their suspects.

Another witness in the area of Yarmouth Road reported seeing the prime suspect in her back yard with a fist full of money, cut up and bleeding, apparently from fleeing and jumping fences…

There was no further information available at the time of this report.


UPDATE – 6:34PM – According to Barnstable Police radio transmissions, they have one of the suspects in custody, the one with the last name of Mahoney… and they recovered some of the stolen money… [DEVELOPING]


The following HN Video contains detailed emergency audio highlights of the call.


* All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law…








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