HN helps nab convicted felon…

HN helps nab convicted felon…

HN NOTE: My dog Gracie and I were the ones mentioned out walking in the following press release (yes, I’m 52-years-old… although many think I look more like a nimble man in his mid-twenties… lol… 😉  )

… we were out enjoying a quiet walk when we noticed this unusual character lurking in the back yard of one of our elder neighbors. He had just finished suspiciously leaving his vehicle parked around the corner on another side street.  Gracie and I were simply standing by watching him when he approached and asked if he could help me. He said he lived there. I told him I had never seen him before and it seemed strange he was standing around in complete darkness. He became a little bit angry and said he had just moved here and he was “taking a leak” and that I was somehow stalking him… etc…

… I remember finding that amusing… such a peculiar stranger in the night…

I immediately called the Barnstable Police and the dispatcher remained on the line with me.

Knowing the man might try to flee. I went to where he had parked his car and provided the registration information to the dispatcher.

It was then Patrolman Thomas Edwards turned the corner about a block away and was right there to take control of the situation. Other police cruisers immediately arrived all at once. The response was quick and reassuring.

The suspect began to give officers a lot of mixed up stories and convoluted excuses. It was clear he thought he could perhaps throw the officers off.

In short, officers weren’t having it and asked questions directed right to the heart of the matter.  Despite the clear straight forward questions, the suspect continued to be uncooperative by giving one story after another, purposefully not giving officers the simple answers they needed.

Police placed the man in Protective Custody for being drunk, while also charging him with what sounded to be a simple drug possession charge, or so I had thought… they then had his vehicle towed back to Barnstable Police Headquarters.

I wasn’t interested in sharing this story on HN last evening because it was the type of routine drug arrest officers make all the time in Hyannis. Also, keeping an eye on our neighbors is something all of us do in our particular close-knit neighborhood. I was simply content our streetwise officers were able to enforce and uphold the security of our neighborhood so swiftly. Hytonians are really unaware how lucky we are to have the experienced patrol force that we do, they are the byproduct of working in a town with an unusually high crime rate.

I then received the following BPD press statement and felt compelled to share it. As far as being “alert,” an accolade I humbly accept and appreciate, I must say even Mister Magoo could have seen this guy was up to no good. And I’m especially glad the police saw right through his shenanigans as well  :)



Actual BPD press statement:

Alert neighbor assists police arrest a convicted felon

On 02/02/2017, at 11:00pm, a 52 year old Hyannis man, out for an evening walk with his dog, observed some suspicious activity. An adult male, later identified as Brad Montgomery, age 34, of Maine, was observed walking in the back yards of houses on Chase Street, Hyannis. MONTGOMERY was confronted by the Hyannis man and could provide no reasonable explanation why he was in the area. The Barnstable Police Department was called and several patrol units responded.

MONTGOMERY was located near the intersection of Chase Street and Graceada Court. MONTGOMERY was evasive with his answers to basic questions relating to his address and reason he was in the back yard of area homes. He claimed to be from Maine and was visiting a family that lived in the area. He could not provide the exact address. MONTOMERY said he had no vehicle and was on foot waiting for a taxi cab.

Barnstable Police Officers Spencer Jackson and Thomas Edwards conducted a follow up investigation. It revealed that MONTGOMERY in fact did have an automobile. It was parked on Graceada Court. Located in the vehicle was over 3 ounces of high grade marijuana in a plastic food container, a small plastic gram bag of marijuana, numerous small zip lock gram size plastic bags, and a digital scale.

MONTGOMERY is a convicted felon with an arrest record in five (5) States (Florida, Michigan, Maine, New York, and New Hampshire). His arrest record has numerous arrests for drug related offenses. Those arrests include convictions in Florida for marijuana distribution. He was also arrested for burglary in Florida.

MONTGOMERY was taken into custody and charged with possession of Class D/Marijuana with the intent to distribute. He was transported to the Barnstable Police Department, booked, and held overnight. MONTGOMERY was arraigned in Barnstable District Court on 02/03/2017. The investigation into MONTGOMERY’s background and reason he was in Hyannis is still ongoing.



[Booking photo and press statement provided by Lieutenant John Murphy of the Barnstable Police Department]



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