HN PHOTOS: 3-year-old boy found alone wandering the streets… [Audio]

HN PHOTOS:  3-year-old boy found alone wandering the streets… [Audio]


As you will hear in the following emergency audio, police and rescue responded to a location on Pitchers Way yesterday afternoon after motorists found a 3-year-old boy alone wandering the streets.

Barnstable Police Officers arrived and began investigating but were unable to locate the child’s parents or guardians.

Hyannis Rescue was requested to the scene and the child was transported via ambulance to the CCH ER for “evaluation.”

A short time later, officers located the boy’s aunt at a nearby address. Officers then met with and reunited the child with his parents at CCH.

A 51A Report was filed and the Department of Children and Families will likely look further into the matter…

The following HN Audio highlights the call…







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One response to HN PHOTOS: 3-year-old boy found alone wandering the streets… [Audio]

  1. CapeGirl July 28th, 2017 at 10:52 am

    OMG that’s so scary. Kids do that more than we may know. One of my daughter’s friends slept over once (they were 5 yrs old at the time) and she decided she wanted to go home (at about 11:00 at night)and simply walked out my front door. She made it to route 28 in Hyannis before a person driving by stopped and put her in their car! Thankfully, this person was kind and concerned. This little girl was able to give that driver directions (or an address)to where she lived. I nearly died when the father of this little 5 year old called me. I can’t imagine what they thought of me. Thank GOD she wasn’t hurt or worse.