HN PHOTOS: Nobody hurt…

HN PHOTOS: Nobody hurt…


HYANNIS – A vehicle jumped the curb and took out the picket fence in front of the Hyannis Public Library this afternoon.

Main Street Community Service Officers alerted their headquarters and a patrol unit responded.

According to sources, there was a fender bender where the vehicle in the above photos was struck from behind. The driver reportedly became flustered by the impact and thought the vehicle was secured in “park” before it jumped the curb, crossed the normally busy sidewalk, and rammed the fence.

Fortunately nobody was struck and everyone inside the vehicles were okay.

People sitting in nearby outdoor cafes had front row seats…

… for a little unexpected excitement which ended well.

The driver of the red car, more embarrassed than anything else, was able to back off the sidewalk and drive away.

A gentleman having a beer, causally watching the whole affair, spoke with HN and we both agreed, at least it was a beautiful summer day for it.


Main Street Community Service Officers, from all HN observations, are active, visible, and functioning well by helping out our visitors to the downtown area. Thank you and keep up the good work!





P.S. – Today's Hytown Vignette is brought to you by Lou Reed... [Crank it!]

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One response to HN PHOTOS: Nobody hurt…

  1. CapeGirl July 24th, 2017 at 8:38 am

    It’s nice to have some light news with a happy ending once in a while huh?