HN PHOTOS: While most were home sleeping…

HN PHOTOS: While most were home sleeping…


YARMOUTH – In the above photo, from about 1:30AM this morning, Barnstable Police Patrolman Kevin Fullam and his K-9 partner Voney were called from their home to assist the YPD with sniffing around a vehicle for narcotics. The West Yarmouth traffic stop is still under investigation and no further details (nor HN images) were made available for publication at the time of this report.

In the following photo from this past weekend, Barnstable Police and COMM Rescue help an overdose patient who arrived in the parking lot of COMM Headquarters in a white sedan.



HN NOTE: While most are home safely sleeping, a horrid battle against the mid-Cape’s deadly drug epidemic rages on. With no community immune… and with no end in sight.

The final photo, taken yesterday afternoon, shows a random Cape Cod kid flying across a random Cape Cod beach parking lot… and one wonders about these wonderful random Cape Cod kids… contemplating, who will survive and —

— nobody likes to think about these stark realities, that our children are at risk. And there’s no rhyme or reason as to why some are touched by this deadly epidemic.

Unfortunately, there is one thing that’s certain; nobody is immune.


Please pray for our children and families.






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