* UPDATED * HN VIDEO: Cotuit narc raid… 24-year-old man arrested after detectives allegedly find heroin…

* UPDATED * HN VIDEO: Cotuit narc raid… 24-year-old man arrested after detectives allegedly find heroin…


UPDATE – THE REST OF THE STORY: Cash bail set at $30,000…

On 6/23/17, Barnstable Police Detective Edward Cronin applied for and received a search warrant for 54 Sandalwood Drive in Cotuit, according to a BPD arrest report.

The warrant was obtained after an investigation into Mason Lavallee for the distribution of Heroin/Fentanyl. The investigation consisted of undercover Heroin/Fentanyl purchases.

As you will see in the following HN Video and post, this past Thursday, 6/29/2017, shortly before 5:00PM, members of the BPD’s detective and patrol divisions knocked and announced themselves, gaining access to the 54 Sandalwood address without incident.

Mason and his mother, Teri Lynn Lavallee, were both provided with the search warrant and read their Miranda Rights.

Police located the following during the search of Mason Lavallee’s bedroom:

– 2 clear knotted plastic bags containing an off white substance of what was believed to be Heroin/Fentanyl with a gross weight of 8 grams.
– A metal spoon containing suspected Heroin/Fentanyl
– 2 digital scales
– numerous plastic baggies
– $585 US Dollars (of which, $50 was identified as BPD controlled buy money)
– cell phones

According to the report, and after being read his rights, Mason Lavallee made numerous statements affirming he was selling heroin from the 54 Sandalwood address…

Also, according to the police report, Teri Lynn Lavallee made statements she was aware her son was selling heroin out of her address.

Mason Alexander Lavallee, age 24, of Cotuit was charged with Possession of a Class Substance (Heroin/Fentanyl) with Intent to Distribute. He was arraigned and held this past Friday on $30,000 cash bail.


* All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court of law.


Initial HN post:


COTUIT – Neighbors were fed up and that’s when detectives started receiving tips something illegal may have been happening at 54 Sandalwood Drive, according to sources…

HN arrived on scene while officers and detectives were right in the middle of executing a search warrant for narcotics earlier this evening.

The residents of 54 Sandalwood Drive did not appear happy and according to HN records, some of them have been in the same situation at the same exact address before.

And as you will see in the following HN Video, police again arrested Mason Lavallee, age 24, for charges related to finding what they believe to be heroin during the search.

Other drugs, such as Fentanyl for example, could have been also found, but detectives won’t know for certain until after they do more extensive tests.

The following HN video highlights the raid and arrest…




But this wasn’t the first time Mason Lavallee and others at 54 Sandalwood Drive were arrested on narcotics charges.

According to a 4/24/2014 HN Report, four suspects were hauled in from the 54 Sandalwood Drive address after $6,000 in heroin was discovered…

Actual 2014 BPD press release:


After a two month investigation by Yarmouth Detective Chris Kent and Barnstable Detective Mark Butler, a search warrant was issued for 54 Sandalwood Dr. [in] Cotuit for heroin. The target of the investigation, 21 year old Mason Lavallee, has been distributing heroin from the home he shares with his mother and brother. The Lavallee home has been the target of a prior search warrant for drugs in 2011.

At approx. 5 AM on 4/24/14, Barnstable and Yarmouth Narcotic Detectives, as well as the Barnstable Street Crimes Unit made entrance into the Sandalwood Dr. residence. Upon making entry, Mason Lavallee and his girlfriend Brittany Poillucci were located in a basement bedroom. Mason’s mother and brother, Terri and Ronald Lavallee were also located in their bedrooms inside the home.

Mashpee Officer Assad and his drug sniffing K9 Lola searched the home and located two plastic bags containing approximately 60 grams of heroin inside a nightstand next to Mason’s bed. The street value of the heroin is approximately $6000 and one of the two larger plastic bags contained 29 smaller individual knotted baggies of heroin packaged for distribution. Upon further searching, other drug paraphernalia was located in the living room of the home and upstairs in Terri Lavallee’s bedroom.

As a result of the search, Mason Lavallee was placed under arrest for Trafficking in Heroin (36-100 grams). Mason has 2 prior convictions for Distribution of Oxycodone in 2011. He was arraigned in Barnstable District Court on this date and held on $25,000 bail.

Ronald and Terri Lavallee, as well as Brittany Poillucci, were also placed under arrest for Knowingly Being Present Where Heroin is kept, 23 year old Ronald is currently on probation in Barnstable District Court for 2 counts of Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime; all three suspects were released from Barnstable District Court on personal recognizance on this date.




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