HN VIDEO: Man arrested for Class A narcotics after doing karate moves and alarming neighbors…

HN VIDEO: Man arrested for Class A narcotics after doing karate moves and alarming neighbors…

UPDATE: Paul Gualberto, the owner of New Look landscaping, called HN very concerned about how today’s incident will reflect on his company’s reputation. He assured HN he does not condone the suspect’s behavior and that there is no room for drug activity within his company. The employee, today’s suspect, was employed part time and as of today’s incident no longer works for New Look Services, Inc… Mr. Gualberto found out about this incident through friends who saw the following HN post… and he sounded as alarmed as just about everyone else who witnessed this behavior today in one of our family neighborhoods. Mr. Gualberto also said he was on his way to Barnstable Police Headquarters to recover the keys to his truck… It’s also important to note that this is the first and only time one of his vehicles has ever been the subject of a HN post… and that he seemed anxious and committed to keep it that way from this point forward…


HYANNIS – As you will see and hear in the following video, HN documented the scene when police had to search for a man on Ocean Street today after receiving reports of him jumping up and down… and causing concern.

According to radio transmissions, police found an unoccupied landscaping truck running next to a tree with drug paraphernalia and Fireball shots in plain view.

It was believed the man’s behavior was caused by him recently taking drugs.

According to radio transmissions, he was arrested for Possession of a Class A Substance.

HN spoke with a witness out walking with his children who was also concerned about the man’s apparent erratic behavior.

HN will provide updates as they become available.

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


The following video highlights the scene… [Press play]





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