HN VIDEO: Mother explains why son allegedly bit officer’s thumb… and wound up in coma… [PART 1 – DEVELOPING]

HN VIDEO: Mother explains why son allegedly bit officer’s thumb… and wound up in coma… [PART 1 – DEVELOPING]

ABOVE PHOTOS: Sent to HN by friends of Kelesto Salmon…


HYANNIS – HN received photos and video and observed people on Facebook were very concerned about what may have led up to an 18-year-old Hyannis man winding up in a coma Sunday morning.

HN has interviewed the patient’s mother, along with a witness to what allegedly happened.

According to reports, police were looking for a suspect in a robbery – as initially covered by HN … CLICK HERE FOR THAT STORY AND SOME BACKGROUND – when they became involved in a combative struggle with the suspect’s brother. HN will be releasing details from the police report, but two main points were that the suspect’s brother allegedly bit an officer’s hand… and at some point tried to grab and disarm a Barnstable Police Officer of his gun.

One thing is certain, there are many sides to this developing story.

The witness said she was detained in handcuffs and it was dark out… and she was unable to see the confrontation very well… but all in all, she said police officers were polite with her and at one point she tried to get others to calm down because her friends didn’t know all the facts and officers were just trying to do their job. [Check back for that witness interview in its entirety…]

Kelesto Salmon, age 18, of 74 Camp Street, was transported to CCH and eventually to a hospital in Boston. At some point he reportedly slipped into a coma (according to his mother), but eventually came out of the coma and is now reportedly in a Barnstable lockup after being arraigned on 13 different charges, some felonies… [Again, HN will be releasing more about this incident in the hours which follow…. so, check back.]

The following interview is with the Kelesto’s mother, a hard working Hyannis woman with 3 jobs…

HN Note: Kelesto’s mom explains her point of view, not having been on scene during the combative struggle which sent her son to CCH. But she did show up at CCH and, according to her, was denied access to see her son. She also admits that her other son Kimarley, the suspect police were initially seeking, has been dealing with some anger issues and that’s why he has been having problems with the law… but she was completely shocked when her younger son, Kolesto, somehow became involved. According to her, Kelesto is suffering from brain damage and is considered disabled. She’s angry and asked HN to get to the heart of the matter…

Was Kelesto in the middle of seizure which caused him to allegedly bite down on the officer’s hand? Or was it a simply a violent attack which led to officers needing to do what they had to in an effort to get him to stop?

Please check back for more details, video, and interviews that will be released on in the following hours…

BUT REMEMBER, please don’t be quick to judge, there are many sides to this developing story.




*All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.



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3 responses to HN VIDEO: Mother explains why son allegedly bit officer’s thumb… and wound up in coma… [PART 1 – DEVELOPING]

  1. CapeGirl June 22nd, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    Yes,Kelestro was having a seizure and bit down on the officers hand. When that didn’t work he reached for the gun thinking that might be better to bite down on. This all makes sense of course, because in the middle of having a seizure people do tend to have their wits about them, think clearly and can control where they’re reaching for or what they’re biting on.


  2. mm June 22nd, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    another case barnstable police beating some one dwn. they lie as to why. they beat me awhile back through my phone in woods and said i assaulted them hope them officers get fired..


  3. MATaxpayer June 22nd, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    If her sons don’t like the police and have anger issues there’s an easy solution. Go back to Jamaica!