“HOMELESS NOT HOPELESS” ON CRIME RADAR AGAIN: Hyannis man allegedly stole over $2000 in tools from his employer…

“HOMELESS NOT HOPELESS” ON CRIME RADAR AGAIN: Hyannis man allegedly stole over $2000 in tools from his employer…

HN PHOTO: Homeless Not Hopeless shelter located at 119 Baxter Road in Hyannis (INSERT: Carl B. Hill)…


HYANNISPORT – An employee of the E.J. Jaxtimer construction company noticed power tools missing from a work van at a job site on Mount Vernon Road and became suspicious of another employee, according to a Barnstable Police larceny of property report.

Employees of the E.J. Jaxtimer company then went to Cash Point, a nearby pawn shop located in Hyannis, in order to investigate further.

Barnstable Police Detective Keith Sexton was advised regarding the employees’ suspicions and decided to conduct a check of regional pawn shops.

Detective Sexton learned the suspect, an employee of E.J. Jaxtimer construction, had made three separate pawn shop transactions in recent weeks, primarily involving the sale of construction equipment.

On Thursday, June 15, 2017, Detective Sexton conducted a follow up investigation at the Cash Point pawn shop located at 640 Main Street.

Detective Sexton met with store employees and requested all items sold by the suspect since May 27, 2017, seizing them as evidence. He also requested and received original copies of transaction slips, including copies of the bill of sales, etc.

Detective Sexton noted the suspect had received $110.00 for a Hitachi Rotary Hammer valued at approximately $400.00 and two Dewalt Drills valued at approximately $300.00. That’s $110.00 for tools valued at approximately $700.00…

Detective Sexton then asked an employee if it was store policy to verify if the seller of items is the same individual who is photographed on the identification he provided… and the store employee confirmed that it was.

Detective Sexton learned the suspect had received $20.00 for a Mikita Power Drill valued at approximately $200.00 and that the suspect received $30.00 for a Makita Grinder valued at approximately $160.00, along with a Berger Auto Level valued at $500.00.

Detective Sexton then learned the suspect also received $50.00 for a Berger Laser/Lasermark Wizard Rotary Laser valued at approximately $600.00.

The stolen items were secured and transported back to Barnstable Police Headquarters, where they were photographed and entered into evidence. The total value of the stolen items was approximately $2,160.00…

The stolen items were then presented to the employees of the E.J. Jaxtimer company, who identified all the tools as belonging to the company. The tools were then inventoried and returned.

Detectives Sexton, Foley, and Blondin responded to the work site on Mount Vernon Ave where they located and arrested Carl B. Hill, age 37, of 119 Baxter Road in Hyannis, Mass..

119 Baxter Road is one of four Hyannis homeless shelters operated by the Homeless Not Hopeless organization. Homeless Not Hopeless is in the process of purchasing an additional residence in another Hyannis family neighborhood… for a total of five shelters operated by their organization.

Hill was advised of his Miranda rights and then transported back to Barnstable Police Headquarters by Patrolman Lariviere.

A probation check of Carl B. Hill, with a date of birth of 5/7/1980, found that he has had 48 previous adult arraignments. Hill has been previously charged, found guilty, and committed for knowingly receiving stolen property, felony larceny, home improvement contractor violation, and shoplifting.

Homeless Not Hopeless shelters have come under strong criticism in recent months, not because of their noble mission to help the homeless and downtrodden, but more because they continually are choosing Hyannis family neighborhoods for their homeless operations. Many Hyannis residents are concerned that the village of Hyannis is unfairly bearing the brunt of the region’s homeless problems, instead of it being equitably shared with other Cape Cod communities.

Critics often ask “why always Hyannis?” and not other villages like Osterville or Hyannisport, etc…

Despite showing up on HN’s crime radar lately, supporters of Homeless Not Hopeless profess their clients do not increase crime in the areas where they operate.

But HN knows differently; just last week for example, a recent resident of the Homeless Not Hopeless shelter located at 119 Baxter Road reportedly spit blood at a Patrolman’s face after grabbing another by the throat during a downtown street brawl…  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THAT RECENT INCIDENT

According to recent conversations with numerous critics of the ever growing number of homeless service industries operating in Hyannis family neighborhoods, many residents feel they are definitely not shirking their charitable responsibilities by exclaiming “enough is enough!” In fact, and to the contrary, Hyannis residents have done more than their fair share when it comes to shouldering the region’s problems with poverty, drug addiction, mental illness, and homelessness. Many residents are now expressing frustration, wondering if Hyannis will ever overcome the aforementioned issues with so many new causes popping up, seemingly attracting more and more needy individuals to the already crime riddled streets surrounding their homes.



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3 responses to “HOMELESS NOT HOPELESS” ON CRIME RADAR AGAIN: Hyannis man allegedly stole over $2000 in tools from his employer…

  1. Cheryl June 17th, 2017 at 12:43 am

    I believe it is Homeless Not Helpless Bob


  2. Robert Bastille June 17th, 2017 at 1:56 am

    Nope… I thought that too.. but their website says “Homeless Not Hopeless” …. http://homelessnothopeless.org/


  3. Francis Elroy Duffy June 18th, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Hyannis is just unlucky…geographically