JHAT & ATF team up with local police to secure Forestdale residence… but why? [UPDATED WITH ALARMING DETAILS!]

JHAT & ATF team up with local police to secure Forestdale residence… but why?  [UPDATED WITH ALARMING DETAILS!]


FORESTDALE – Officials received a report of hazardous materials stored inside a residence, which led to Sandwich Police Detectives obtaining a search and seizure warrant.

At about 10:00PM last evening, HN began looking into reports of unmarked local and federal police activity in the area of Route 130 and Brightside Lane. There were also reports of some sort of HAZMAT team deployed in the area.

At 10:45PM, a HN check of the Brightside Lane area indicated that all emergency operations had likely been completed…

… but that didn’t stop Sandwich residents from buzzing more and more about it on social media.

According to a Sandwich Police press statement released later last evening, Sandwich detectives had executed the aforementioned search and seizure warrant inside a home at 30 Brightside Lane.

Officials must have been very concerned about what they may find, as the scene also involved the Sandwich Fire Department, State Fire Marshall’s Office, Massachusetts State Police, ATF, and JHAT.

The ATF, also referred to as the “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives,” mostly concerns itself with protecting communities from violent criminals, criminal organizations, the illegal use and trafficking of firearms, the illegal use and storage of explosives, acts of arson and bombings, terrorism, and of course crimes involving the illegal production and sale of alcohol and tobacco products.

JHAT (Joint Hazard Assessment Team) is a team made up of Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad Members and firefighters trained as HAZMAT technicians. In recent months, Cape Cod has witnessed this team responding to several threats, all usually having to do with the production and storage of illicit drugs, including volatile Meth and Fentanyl operations.

At the time of this report, it remains a mystery what specific hazardous materials were of concern at the Forestdale address.

The Sandwich Police Department ended their media statement vaguely, stating, “at this time, the residence is secure. There is no risk or danger to the general public or residents in the area. The situation remains under investigation.”

In other words, ‘nothing to see here folks?’


Sorry Sandwich PD, HN’s skeptical whether the residents of Sandwich and beyond will settle for being left hanging regarding this one. Hopefully you’ll be able to let us know more as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep up the good work and be safe out there 😉



PRESS RELEASE – Sandwich Police Department

Case #: 17-403-AR

On 9/11/2017 the Sandwich Police and Fire Departments were provided with information that David Luongo, age 31 of 30 Brightside Lane Forestdale, allegedly possessed hazardous materials which may be illegal pre-cursor explosive components (bomb making materials). Furthermore, that Luongo allegedly had exploded devices within Sandwich in the past.

Sandwich Police with the assistance of the Massachusetts State Police initiated an investigation into these allegations. During the evening hours a search and seizure warrant was obtained and executed at 30 Brightside Lane. The Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad and State Fire Marshal’s Office with support from JHAT and the ATF assisted.

Located within the house was a large quantity of illegal pre-cursor explosive components, a large quantity of illegally possessed drugs and an illegally possessed and unsecured firearm.

Luongo was arrested and charged with:

• Drug, possession Class E
• Possession of large capacity firearm
• Possession of firearm/rifle/shotgun or ammunition w/oFID
• Improper storage of large capacity firearm
• Possession of large capacity feeding device
• More charges are pending related to the pre-cursor explosive components and related items

He was held on $1,500.00 bond and transported to the Barnstable County Correctional Facility. Luongo is scheduled for arraignment on 9/12/2017 at Barnstable District Court.



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One response to JHAT & ATF team up with local police to secure Forestdale residence… but why? [UPDATED WITH ALARMING DETAILS!]

  1. Patrick September 13th, 2017 at 5:58 am

    Are you serious 1500.00 bail for this type of crime? I got a higher bail shooting heroin in my arm in a sandwich parking lot.