K-9 Staties earn their kibble…

K-9 Staties earn their kibble…

It has been a successful week for state police K-9 units.

K9 Duke Locates Person in Distress in Ware…

On Monday August 14th at about 3:25 a.m., Ware Police Department requested K9 assistance in searching for an individual that fled a local hospital during an evaluation.
Troopers Matt Baird and Jack Doherty of the K9 Unit both responded to assist.
Upon arrival, Trooper Doherty deployed K9 Duke from the point last seen.
Duke initially was unable to acquire a scent, so Trooper Doherty started to scout the surrounding area.
During the scout, Duke appeared to begin tracking down the street. Duke then tracked into a parking lot of an abandoned building.
As Duke tracked to the side of the building, he showed a change of behavior and pulled into a low crawl space.
Trooper Doherty pulled Duke out and looked inside. Trooper Doherty did not see anyone inside but Duke continued to bark and jump along the side of the building. Duke then pulled into another crawl space on an adjacent part of the building.
When Trooper Doherty pulled Duke out and looked inside, he observed the patient hiding.
Trooper Baird was able to talk the patient out, and the individual was transported back to the hospital for further evaluation.


K9 Tank Apprehends Suspect who Fled Stolen Vehicle in Tewksbury…

On Monday August 14th at about 3:20 a.m., Tewksbury Police Department requested K9 assistance.
Tewksbury officers located a stolen motor vehicle and were able to take one suspect into custody, while several others fled on foot.
Trooper Tom Janeczak of the K9 Unit was nearby working a construction detail and responded to assist.
Upon arrival, Trooper Janeczak deployed K9 Tank from the point last seen.
Tank acquired the scent and tracked through some woods and through multiple yards.
In the back of one of the yards, Tank showed a proximity alert near a row boat.
Trooper Janeczak held Tank up and made several commands for the suspect(s) to show themselves.
After there was no response, Tank cleared the boat and pulled into bushes behind the boat where he apprehended another suspect.
Officer Maccairo placed the second suspect into custody and Trooper Janeczak continued searching for the remaining suspects with negative results.



K9 Dakota Apprehends Suspect who Fled Traffic Stop where Illegally Possessed Firearm was Located in Avon…
On Saturday August 12th at about 10:30 a.m., Trooper Joshua McKelligan of the Troop H Community Action Team conducted a motor vehicle stop on Route 24 in Avon.
During the stop, the driver was removed from the vehicle for a search of the vehicle. When the operator was removed, Trooper McKelligan searched and located a loaded handgun.
The operator then fled into the woods as Trooper McKelligan chased him.
During the foot pursuit, Trooper McKelligan was injured and lost sight of the suspect.
Troopers Chris Coscia and Steve Barnes of the K9 Unit both responded to assist along with the Air Wing.
Once on scene, a resident advised troopers he observed an individual matching the suspect’s description run through his yard and across the street.
Trooper Barnes deployed K9 Dakota on a track from the point last seen.
While deployed, another resident called 911 to report that he believed the suspect was hiding under his deck.
The K9 team responded to that house within seconds and observed the suspect hiding in a crawl space under the deck.
Trooper Barnes made several commands for the suspect to surrender but he refused to come out.
Dakota was released and apprehended the suspect, who was removed from the crawl space and placed into custody.
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