Meet YPD’s new PAC pup…

Meet YPD’s new PAC pup…

The following is the actual YPD press statement:


Today, the Yarmouth Police Department welcomed Gauge—a 2-year-old fully trained and certified drug detection dog—to our Pro-Active Anti-Crime Unit.

Gauge is a beautiful male black Labrador retriever that has recently completed over 500 hours of specialized training and will be partnered with Yarmouth Police Department Pro-Active Anti-Crime Unit Officer Nicholas Ambrosini.

Gauge was rescued from a shelter on the South Shore and donated to us at no cost after receiving $7,500 worth of training from Kenneth Ballinger the President and CEO of Alpha Canis Advanced K9 Training and Care of South Weymouth.

Gauge was certified by the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department with special support and training by members of the Massachusetts Department of Correction and the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office.

Gauge and PAC Officer Ambrosini—who was our 2015 Police Officer of the Year and is the son of longtime and highly respected K9 Handler Joseph Ambrosini of the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office—hit the streets this morning for their first shift.

The men and women of the Yarmouth Police Department wish Nick and Gauge the best of luck as they protect and serve their fellow Police Officers and all of the residents, business owners, and visitors of the town of Yarmouth for many years to come.

[This release was prepared and distributed by the Command Staff of the Yarmouth Police Department.]





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