HN PHOTOS: Narcs raid Hyannis home…

HN PHOTOS: Narcs raid Hyannis home…


HN NOTES: A 19-year-old man told HN to go perform fellatio (in so many less kind words…)
… his mother, nearby in tears, embarrassed and concerned, was explaining to HN that her son normally didn’t behave that way. (I told mom I’ve heard worse… and that I didn’t take it personally.)
Barnstable narcotic detectives had just raided her Hyannis home. She was outside in front of the residence with her young daughter and both were obviously upset and shocked by the sudden intrusion into their home life and personal belongings.
The mom politely asked detectives if her daughter could get one of her toys from a vehicle they were searching in front of the residence. Detectives were polite in turn, trying to accommodate the innocent members of the family as best they could…
… of course it was perfectly fine for the young child to grab her toy from the vehicle, these were men and women, some with kids of their own, just trying to perform police work as best as they’ve been taught.
HN spoke with one of the detectives and learned they had a search warrant. He was unable to reveal more. His superiors frown upon cooperation with reporters.
We live in a time of diminishing transparency in the Town of Barnstable… so, HN usually no longer wastes time playing the games, calling and trying to get the details of the cop’s side of the story, from what has now become a secretive police regime.
If the current Barnstable Police admin wants the public to know their side of events, they will release that information when it’s beneficial to them… and pretty much only when it benefits them.
But here’s what we do know at this time: A 19-year-old was cuffed in front of his family and transported back to BPD Headquarters while a group of plainclothes officers and detectives searched his family’s home. A second person may have also been taken into custody, but that has not been officially confirmed.
We know the 19-year-old is innocent until proven guilty. We also know he has never been photographed by HN at any other crime scene.
HN has decided not to disclose the address of the police raid at this time as a courtesy to the distraught family. HN has also decided to obscure the young man’s face for the time being as well.
Again, all suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
(We don’t even know what the charges are at this point!)
This is Hyannis; this sort of thing happens a lot around here. HN used to default to the integrity of our local police administration…
… but these are times of diminishing transparency, communication, and trust.
When there is no transparency, it’s hard to distinguish between what’s justified or not.
Red flags and uncertainty rule the day.



[DEVELOPING] HN will provide official updates as they become available.





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  1. Honor Your Oath November 9th, 2017 at 6:41 am

    Real cops love HN! Keep up the good work Bobby!!!