NEW VIDEO AND PERSPECTIVE: Cuffed woman “triggered,” claims being punched and roughed up after confronting couple for littering…

NEW VIDEO AND PERSPECTIVE: Cuffed woman “triggered,” claims being punched and roughed up after confronting couple for littering…


NOTE: HN generally responds to scenes and documents what can be observed first hand. But having said that, there are always more than one point of view… and often there is more video of a scene…

In which case, HN always welcomes additional video, photos, and statements that may shed light on a particular incident.

The following is a statement from Allyssa Langdon, a friend of the woman [“Lulu”] who was handcuffed during a disturbance on Main Street early this morning. She also took a video of part of the incident, which you may see after her following statement…

Allyssa’s statement also raises the possibility of self defense, which the responding state trooper may not have seen. Police sometimes do not witness the initial confrontation and usually can only take action on what they observe. In this case, it appears the officer may have seen Lulu pushing back after her allegations of being physically assaulted. Police respond to scenes to keep the peace. They frequently can only react to the situation as it unfolds… (so called “domestic situations” and felonies are different, for example…)




The following is Allyssa Langdon’s (Lulu’s friend) statement word-for-word, as received:


“This is what really happened – Lulu [Lauren Pooler] saw people throwing garbage (garbage, not just gum wrappers or cigarettes) out their car window and she yelled “Hey! You can’t litter that’s f#$%ing disgusting!”

We keep walking across the street to our house nearby and the woman gets out of her car and literally punches Lulu in the face.

Her hat fell off, her hair fell down, she lost her gauge. Lulu pushes the woman away and the girl’s boyfriend/male friend comes out and starts violently roughing her up, throwing all of our stuff and breaking things.

A policeman showed up and saw Lulu pushing them back in self defense and the cop abused Lulu only, denied her her rights, and didn’t listen to anything we had to say about the situation. They explained nothing.

The couple who punched Lulu denied everything they did and said we threw things at their car and that they did nothing. We did not throw things at them. That is a lie.

There should not have been 6+ policeman on the scene and Lulu should not have been thrown on the ground and then thrown in the car. She is a 4’11 female and was treated like a violent grown man. She was mouthy but only because she was the victim and should have been treated as such.

She is my girlfriend. I wish she would have shut her mouth too. I was upset. But she was innocent and did nothing.

People grew up differently and being man handled like that, especially when she didn’t do anything, can be really triggering. She repeatedly told the police the handcuffs were too tight and now she has painful bruises on her wrist. The knee injury is from when the cop threw her on the ground. She did nothing except tell those people not to litter.

The police refused to tell us any information about the people who punched and physically harassed Lulu or how we could press charges. I was standing against a shop wall the whole time. After a decent period of time a policeman asked me if I would rather Lulu go to jail or just take her home and not press charges. I was upset so I took her home.

The video is not very good but the second half shows Lulu being handled inappropriately for the situation.”


The following video, taken by Allyssa Langdon, highlights part of last night’s scene…





The following is the initial HN coverage and video:


HYANNIS – Someone’s late night snacks were splattered all over the middle of Main Street early this morning, shortly after 1:00AM.

A state trooper had just requested backup for a fight and had one person in custody…

… something violent had just occurred and squad cars arrived all at once.

One woman said she had been punched in the face; while another woman said she did nothing wrong.

The handcuffed woman in the back of a cruiser wasn’t happy, said she had just smoked marijuana – emphasizing that it’s now perfectly legal in Massachusetts – and then called the cops “dumb.”

It was a hot mess of ruined fast food and buzz killing emotions.

Police were happy to see everyone finally calmed down and heading in different directions.

In the end, no charges were filed and thank goodness nobody was hurt…

… but someone did have to go home without munchies :( Like, it was freakin’ tragic, man!

The following HN Video highlights the early morning spectacle.






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