Paranoid toker led coppers on foot chase after recreational substance mishap… [HN AUDIO/VIDEO]

Paranoid toker led coppers on foot chase after recreational substance mishap… [HN AUDIO/VIDEO]


HYANNIS – As you will hear in the following HN Video, there were some dramatic moments last evening when a man led police on a foot chase after he had just called them for help.
Police quickly caught up to the man and placed him in custody until Hyannis Rescue could arrive and take over.
According to a source, the man, in his 50s, had smoked something which he later feared was “laced” with something more dangerous. When being evaluated, the recreational drug user was in a state of paranoia. His heart rate was approaching 160 beats per minute and he was unable to sit still.
Barnstable Police officers followed the ambulance to CCH, where the man was admitted for treatment.

According to radio transmissions, the patient may have had outstanding arrest warrants and police were planning to return for him as soon as he was medically cleared.

HN NOTE: These situations always raise the same old question, “why would anyone ingest substances which have questionable origins?” These chemicals that people are recklessly putting into their bodies could be anything! And these days, illicit drugs are most likely something completely different from what the “recreational drug user” bargained for.
Why are people putting blind trust in sketchy sociopaths peddling random chemicals on the street? Even in the case of store bought “synthetic marijuana,” those concoctions were most likely mass produced in far off lands, like China… where the manufacturers could give a rat’s ass about the brain damage or death caused by their bought and paid for poisons.
Are American “recreational” drug consumers really that stupid?

The following video highlights last evening’s drama…





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