READER PHOTOS: Horse, dog, and pony escape Route 6 car fire…

READER PHOTOS: Horse, dog, and pony escape Route 6 car fire…


Firefighters responded to Route 6 in the area of Exit 5 yesterday afternoon for a SUV on fire while attached to a horse trailer.

According to West Barnstable FD, the owner was able to remove the animals prior to the engine arriving to fight the flames.

Mitch Stillson Sr. alerted HN and shared the above photos. He reports seeing a horse, pony (actually was a miniature horse, he later reported…) and dog safely being kept behind a guard rail next to the highway.

Firefighters put out the fire and there were no injuries reported.


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– Do not be shy! Ask questions when it’s not distracting to do so. Most Cape Cod police and fire officials are very helpful at scenes once the scene has calmed down and is stable. It behooves officers to help get appropriate and accurate information out to the public, especially when it concerns public safety.
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