THE COP’S SIDE: Hyannis man allegedly threatened two men inside his home with a “firearm”… raid yields plastic BB gun…

THE COP’S SIDE:  Hyannis man allegedly threatened two men inside his home with a “firearm”… raid yields plastic BB gun…


HYANNIS – The following HN Report contains police details filed in Barnstable District Court.




According to police papers, on Tuesday, November 7th 2017, Barnstable Police detectives took 19-year-old Delton Stanley, Jr. into custody and charged him with two counts of Assault with a Dangerous Weapon…


… this was after they had just served a search warrant and raided his family’s home at 18 General Patton Drive.
A computer search revealed the suspect had no warrants and no criminal history.
Detective Edward Cronin reports he and other detectives spoke with two victims who claim to have been inside the residence at 18 General Patton Drive installing a door lock on 10/31/17.
The alleged victims claimed the suspect approached them inside of his home and pulled out a gun. The suspect then allegedly pointed the “gun” at the head of one of the victims and demanded they both leave his home.
According to one of the victims, the suspect allegedly stated “What are you niggas doing in my house? You got five seconds to get the fuck out.”
It was then when one of the victims allegedly stated “What are you talking about?” and the suspect then allegedly pulled the black gun from his waistband, pointed it and said, “Now you got three seconds! Then I’m gonna put rounds in your knee caps and in your head.”
Both victims claimed they were in fear when they decided to leave the suspect’s home. One victim said he had never been so scared in his entire life and that the alleged handgun did not have an orange tip.
As a result of the victim’s statements, Detective Cronin applied for and was granted a search warrant, which was served the day of the suspect’s arrest on November 7th.
As a result of the search, detectives located a BB gun inside the suspect’s bedroom, it allegedly fit the victim’s description of the one used during the alleged October 31st assault.
According to Detective Cronin’s report, the victims’ statements and BB gun gave detectives enough probable cause to charge the suspect.
The identities of both alleged victims have been withheld for the time being.
The suspect reached out to HN and said he had never been in trouble before… that he simply likes to chill at home and play video games… smoking a little weed is his worst offense, according to the suspect. He also found it wild the police didn’t disclose who the alleged victims were.
Now the 19-year-old suspect is staring straight down the barrel of two serious felony charges he says he didn’t do.
The suspect was released on personal recognizance after pleading innocent at yesterday’s arraignment.
The suspect messaged HN, saying he respected me for at least being an “honest reporter.” (I try.)
I fired back with a “thumbs up” emoji…
The suspect is scheduled for a December 6th Pre Trial Hearing at Barnstable District Court.


HN NOTE: All suspects are presumed innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of law.



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