The Bastille Files: January 2016

The Bastille Files: January 2016

Top image: The end of a police pursuit which started in Dennis and finally came to an end in Middleboro. The driver was said to be armed with a 357 handgun.


HN NOTES: First and foremost, merry Christmas and God bless!

As 2016 comes to a close, HN will try to revisit the archives…

The initial plan was to attempt to sum up the entire year… but as you will see, Hyannis News documents an enormous amount of stills and footage each and every month; so I decided to break it up a bit.

All of the following stills and video were shot by Robert Bastille, For a litany of reasons, most of what I shoot is never published on HN, but here are just some of the highlights from January 2016… it should give one an idea of just how busy it is here.  But trust me, what follows is not even the tip of the iceberg.


[Press play… select HD in the settings and enlarge player for best quality…]



Robert Bastille


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