PHOTOS: The rest of the scenes you missed this week!

PHOTOS: The rest of the scenes you missed this week!

Photo: A wanted man with a Florida criminal history in narcotics fled a traffic stop on foot on North Street in Hyannis last evening…


HN NOTES: It has been a very busy week. And there wasn’t enough time to cover all the scenes HN went to… but here are some of the photos along with a brief explanation. The coverage is not as complete as normal, sorry about that, but the images are still telling and hopefully interesting to some.

Also, HN will be off duty for the next day or so (with emphasis on “so”). So, it’s quite possible major stories may go uncovered in the Mid-Cape area. If, however, you happen to see news happening and can safely document it, please feel free to contribute your photos and video to HN by sending an email to

Thank you for following HN!   And please be safe and remain strong in your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness!  :)



The rest of the scenes:

FOOT PURSUIT: Barnstable Officers found themselves chasing a driver of a Mercedes who suddenly fled a traffic stop last evening (Top photo). The suspect turns out to be a wanted man with a criminal history in narcotics and other crimes in Florida. He was still at large at the time of this report…



Barnstable Police responded to an apartment building on Sea Street yesterday morning to check on the well being on an individual involved in an ongoing domestic situation. Officers discovered what was described as a lot blood. They then spent hours searching for a male who they believed may have been suffering serious self-inflicted knife wounds. They eventually caught up to the man on West Main Street where he was taken into custody and transported back to BPD Headquarters. (No further information available at this time.)

A vehicle crashed into a fence last evening in Yarmouth.  An arrest may have been made… possibly for OUI… YPD was unable to confirm information at the time of this report.

Please don’t text and drive (Like this lady who had trouble keeping her vehicle in the correct lane… and, no, I wasn’t driving when I took this photo…)  :(


If you missed it on the HN Facebook page, Miss Gracie Marie Bastille was promoted to the coveted position of ‘HN Bureau Chief…’  A notable accomplishment in her long glorious career as a dog…


A Marstons Mills woman was arrested after repeatedly ramming her boyfriend’s truck before she then drove across his front yard and into some bushes…



Multiple Barnstable squad cars rushed to a Hyannis address after receiving reports about a group possibly about to battle one another using shovels… thankfully violence was adverted for the time being…

A woman was struck by a car in front of McDonalds on Route 132… injuries not life threatening…


BREAKING  — [DEVELOPING]  —  The report which ranks the Town of Barnstable as one of the most dangerous cities per capita in the United States of America may have actually been some kind of clerical error, sources say…  

HN reached out to the Office of the Barnstable Chief of Police yesterday for a confirmation and press statement.

So, stay tuned!  




HN VIDEO:  Here’s a  video which picked up a ton of views on the HN Facebook page (if you haven’t yet, please join the Hyannis News Facebook page by clicking on the link below… so many ‘odds and ends’ happen over there that don’t always happen on the page…. so, I promise it is worth your while.

The video shows the start of another typical HN shift…. where I already had my morning bucket of coffee, which you may be able to tell…. it’s simply some light hearted fun for a change :)

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