THE REST OF THE STORY: BPD releases details of dramatic chase… “like a scene from a movie…”

THE REST OF THE STORY: BPD releases details of  dramatic chase… “like a scene from a movie…”

The following BPD press statement and HN Video (with emergency audio and HN stills) highlights a chase described as being like a scene from a movie:


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The following is the actual Barnstable Police Department Press Release:


On 09/28/2017, at 4:37pm, Patrolman Thomas Edwards responded to a reported larceny and call for assistance from Sears’s loss prevention, Cape Cod Mall, Hyannis. At the time of the call, an off-duty Barnstable Police Officer was also in the area of Sears. The subject involved in the larceny had fled Sears on foot moments prior to the arrival of Officer Edwards. The larceny suspect was later identified as Anthony S Marez, age 25, of Tennessee. At the time of this incident, MAREZ was staying with friends in Truro. MAREZ was observed by the off duty BPD officer entering a vehicle parked in the Cape Cod Mall parking lot. The vehicle was a maroon 2003 Chevrolet pickup truck with a New York registration.

The off-duty Officer approached the vehicle and identified himself. MAREZ ignored the Officer’s commands and drove off nearly striking the officer. Officer Edwards saw the pickup truck attempting to flee. He activated his cruiser blue lights and siren in an effort to stop MAREZ. MAREZ failed to stop and exited the mall parking lot onto Rte 132. EDWRADS pursued the felony suspect vehicle. Hyannis traffic was extremely heavy at this time. MAREZ showed total disregard for public safety and refused to stop. His operation of the pickup truck was described as “like a scene from a movie” when MAREZ turned the wrong way onto Main Street from Barnstable Road. MAREZ drove the wrong way on Main Street. Due to the heavy vehicle traffic on Main Street, MAREZ drove up onto the sidewalk to get around traffic. MAREZ struck several traffic signs and traffic light posts in an attempt to flee.

Based on MAREZ total disregard for public safety and the risk to the general public it posed, the Barnstable Police Department terminated the pursuit. MAREZ’s vehicle was last observed striking a traffic light post on Main Street in the vicinity of the Cape Cod Hospital. Area police departments including the Massachusetts State Police were notified and provided a vehicle description. The suspect vehicle was later located in the parking lot of the Cape Cod Hospital. MAREZ had fled the area on foot.

At the time of the incident, BPD did not have the identity of MAREZ. Surveillance photographs from Sears and Cape Cod Hospital Security assisted in the investigation. Information relating to MAREZ identity and the Truro address associated with him were developed using social media, law enforcement liaisons, and law enforcement data bases.

Members of the Barnstable Police Department, Truro Police Department, and Massachusetts State Police responded to the last known Truro address of MAREZ in an attempt to locate him. K-9 Units from the Barnstable Police Department and Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department also responded to Truro. Police Units in Truro developed information MAREZ was hiding in a heavily wooded section of Truro. The Massachusetts State Police Air Wing responded and assisted in the search. MAREZ was a former member of the United States Military and reportedly a trained sniper. MAREZ had changed clothing in an attempt to alter his appearance to avoid arrest. MAREZ was eventually located hiding in some dense underbrush by a K-9 unit.

He was placed under arrest without further resistance or any injuries. He was transported to the Truro Police Department and then to Barnstable Police Department. He was booked and held overnight on $1000 cash bail. He was arraigned in Barnstable District Court on 09/29/2017. He was charged with larceny over $250, assault by means of a dangerous weapon/motor vehicle, operating to endanger, failure to stop for police, and leaving the scene of a property damage accident. He was held on a $500 cash bail for a future court date.





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  1. CapeGirl October 2nd, 2017 at 10:47 am

    By a show of hands, who here thinks Mr. Marez will make bail? Who here think Mr. Marez won’t make it to court? Who here thinks he’s really ex-military and a trained sniper?


  2. October 6th, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    Daɗdy wins!? The twins declared.