VIDEO: A HN personal all-time favorite…

VIDEO: A HN personal all-time favorite…

HN NOTES: HN has been around for just about 3 years.

And this is a time of year when people reflect on their favorite moments and accomplishments. A friend recently asked me what was my all-time favorite HN news story. Which isn’t a particularly easy question for a TV news stringer/ photojournalist who covers emergency scenes.

The first thing HN does each day is carefully study the news market. Knowing international, national, and local lead stories helps me predict whether or not my footage will be marketable.

HN covers breaking emergency scenes as they are unfolding. The subject matter is generally unpleasant, to say the least; which is why the following HN footage still makes me smile until this day.

It was a bad three car accident on the Mid-Cape Highway. The first hurdle was making it to the scene. In this case, traffic was backed up and I had to basically hustle and be creative just to make it up to where the “action” was.

Right away I saw a pretty bad accident. But knowing the evening’s news market, I knew it was not footage that would run in any of the larger Boston or Providence markets that evening.

But then came the spontaneous act of kindness…

Packing up, I noticed the little girl and felt bad for the family. Even though they were not injured, the little girl was frightened and as much as I try to emotionally detach from these scenes, children and family pets always “get me.”

It was then I spun around and noticed the trooper walking quickly past with something hidden behind his back. I’m thankful I had my eyes open… alertness and instinct allowed me the split seconds I needed to level the camera, get the lighting right and accomplish the shot.

Right away knew I had captured something special. Next, I had to call the WCVB news desk and convince them. “Good news” is very difficult to sell these days, especially during a busy news cycle.

The busy assignment editor listened carefully from the middle of her busy newsroom, also believing I had something special. I quickly put together a “package” and “shot” the footage up to the station… and in short, a little piece of random HN footage made a lot of people smile, especially the news anchors, it was a pleasant way for them to wrap-up their broadcast.

It’s extremely rare I get footage from an accident scene that makes people happy.

Which is why the following is just one of my personal all-time favorite HN news scenes.


Video highlight of HN footage as seen on Channel 5 WCVB:

[PRESS PLAY… select HD in the settings…]


CHECK OUT the Initial HN footage and story coverage (more complete and in focus):

BARNSTABLE – Imagine driving along and suddenly there’s a dark colored vehicle without lights on stopped right in front of you on the highway; there’s no place to swerve, nor time to brake!

That’s what happened to a young family tonight as they found themselves suddenly involved in a dangerous high speed collision.

According to a source, witnesses saw a black sedan bouncing off guard rails several times before it abruptly came to a stop without its lights on in the middle of the westbound travel lane between Exits 7 & 6 on Route 6.

At about 8:20PM, state police and Barnstable FD rushed to a three car collision. Traffic was initially completely shut down and backed up until state troopers managed to push one of the vehicles out of the passing lane. Initial reports are that, remarkably, there were no serious injuries.

HN arrived on scene and began video recording. A young dad tightly held his daughter in his arms, kissing her as mom looked on while leaning against a guard rail.

A Massachusetts State Trooper noticed the little girl and surprised her with a Teddy Bear. The gesture instantly brought a smile to the faces of the little girl, mom, and dad.

HN spoke with the mom, who was still in a bit of shock, and aware things could have been much worse. Her family was uninjured and the Teddy Bear from the Trooper appeared as though it helped everyone feel a little bit better.

According to a source, police found a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside of the first vehicle which apparently caused the crash. It remains uncertain whether or not the driver was under the influence or impaired.

UPDATE: The driver was said to have been transported to CCH… and according to Barnstable FD his/her injuries were not life-threatening.

The accident is being investigated by the Massachusetts State Police.

The following video highlights the scene, along with the Trooper’s heartwarming interaction with the young child.


[Press play… select HD in the settings and enlarge player for best quality…]



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