VIDEO: Firefighters save home from appliance fire…

VIDEO: Firefighters save home from appliance fire…

HYANNIS – As you’ll see in the video, firefighters had to take quick action when a dryer suddenly burst into flames.

At about 10:55PM last evening, Hyannis Firefighters and Barnstable Police responded to 7 Orrs Ave for a fire in a rear room of the ranch style home.

The homeowner had reportedly tried to battle the flames shooting from the dryer using a couple of garden hoses, which was extremely risky because of the high voltage involved. Upon arrival, one of the first concerns of firefighters was shutting off power and making the scene safer to attack with water.

The fire was quickly knocked down but the home still needed to be ventilated due to heavy smoke.

The homeowners were eventually able to reenter their home, but reportedly made other sleeping arrangements for the time being until the residence could be completely aired out.

Their were no reported injuries.


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