HN VIDEO: Look ma, them dang drunken college kids are back again “a hootin’ and a hollerin’…”

HN VIDEO: Look ma, them dang drunken college kids are back again “a hootin’ and a hollerin’…”




HYANNIS – They’re back! :)

Birds migrate… so do drunk kids from Stonehill College.

Every spring in fact, those edumacated kids from my alma mater, Stonehill College, make the long arduous journey down Route 24, then south onto 495, finally crossing one of the bridges to their final destination and drinking ground, Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Stonehill College is one of the finer drinking colleges in the nation; I went there, I know.

It’s where I learned to do beer funnels, play quarters, do keg stands, and many other various games which hone the drinking skills of future functional alcoholics.

Many a night I staggered back to my room from Brother Mikes, the campus bar, which just happened to be conveniently housed inside my dorm; the drinking age was just 20 then… and I had just made the cutoff; so, “lucky me.”

I spoke with some Stonehill kids on the sidewalk outside of Torino’s last evening… and they assured me, in perfectly slurred English, that Brother Mikes was still operating inside my old dorm… last time they checked, which happened to be just the other day.

Two legless drunk girls were successfully holding themselves upright by clinging onto one of their more sober girlfriends – an excellent strategy, and I couldn’t help but admire them for their ingenuity – and I was excited because I was actually witnessing future problem solvers in action!

Well, enough of the self-indulgent reminiscing, this is a serious article about the annual return of drunken college kids to Main Street bars and nightclubs. It’s a time held tradition which warms the cockles of many a local’s heart… so, let’s just skip to the footage.

The following short video highlights last evening’s perennial Hytown scene… with the moral of the story being, “you can go sleep at home tonight, if you can get up and walk away…” [essentially Basic Drinking 101].

All in all, the “kids” were fairly well behaved last evening. And all kidding aside, Stonehill kids are awesome… but here’s a drinking tip for all you youngins: if you’re out getting hammered and the cops tell you to walk away, do yourself a favor and walk away…



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