VIDEO: Response to report of man with knife…

VIDEO: Response to report of man with knife…

HYANNIS – The following video highlights a dramatic call which has become sort of routine for Barnstable Police and Hyannis Rescue.

A man was reported to have a knife inside an apartment building. It’s unsure what caused people to become alarmed, but the call turned out to be medical in nature, with the patient being transported to CCH.

The apartment building is owned by the Barnstable Housing Authority.

And according to their website:

“Career House”

Located within the dual Historic District, Career House is a large 8 bedroom SRO (single room occupancy) home. BHA owns the property while Baybridge tenants and oversees programs for members in residence. Each resident has their own bedroom. There is a large community kitchen and living area, the bathrooms are shared.

Career House is all project-based, meaning that the housing subsidy stays with the unit not the tenant.


Due to the numerous programs and services in Hyannis, police and rescue routinely find themselves rushing to various hazardous scenes to ensure the safety of clients.

These types of responses occur daily and the following HN audio/video provides a somewhat rare glimpse into the organized chaos…


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