WHIP-IT GOOD: Police investigating report of female inhaling Cool Whip inside grocery store bathroom… [HN AUDIO]

WHIP-IT GOOD: Police investigating report of female inhaling Cool Whip inside grocery store bathroom…   [HN AUDIO]


YARMOUTH – As you will hear in the following audio, Yarmouth police were dispatched to Stop and Shop for a report of a female  inhaling Cool Whip inside the bathroom this afternoon.

According to the audio, this has been an ongoing issue with this particular female.

An officer arrived and reported back the female had already left the scene.

YPD is investigating…


HN NOTE: Inhaling the N2O gas used to pressurize Cool Whip cans will cause brain damage. Users will feel dizzy and disoriented, and loss of consciousness can occur.

The myth used to be that huffing N2O gas was not harmful. But according to online sources, doing what is known as “whippits,” will most certainly kill brain cells. Inhaling the dangerous gas deprives your brain of oxygen, resulting in permanent brain damage if done continuously.

N2O gas also depresses the Central Nervous System, causing slurred speech, loss of coordination, and dizziness. Doing “whippets” can cause drowsiness for several hours. Some users have been to known to experience headaches that last for days.

Addiction to Inhalants, such as whippets, can occur with repeated abuse.

Some report feeling a brief one to two minute “high,” but the experience is definitely not worth the brain damage.

In short, doing whippets is an elective and sure way to cause one’s own brain damage.


Also note: HN normally would call the YPD to inquire about the above report, obtaining any other information regarding the dangers of “huffing…” or basically any other information the YPD would want the public to know about this incident… but I’ve been wrongly removed from their media distribution list for some completely asinine and unwarranted reason, so that option is not available right now…


[If any of the YPD admin – who I typically love dearly, by the way – happen upon this note, please know town officials in Barnstable have made damn sure HN is back on the BPD’s distribution list – as HN should be – after being unfairly and wrongly removed in that town… fyi…

… and there are very few things I enjoy doing more than reporting on the good work of Yarmouth Police Officers, so not getting press releases really sucks for everyone involved, including HN readers. But it will take more than a misinformed YPD admin sticking its beak in where it doesn’t belong to dampen my love for them and that department…

In the meantime, HN will do its best to continue to honor the efforts of all good law abiding hardworking police officers and detectives, as I always have, and always will.]


The following HN Audio highlights the dispatch transmissions related to today’s call…

[Press play]


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