WILD HN VIDEO: Six shots rip through Centerville home… shooting victim airlifted… police officer hurt in crash on way to scene…

WILD HN VIDEO: Six shots rip through Centerville home… shooting victim airlifted… police officer hurt in crash on way to scene…


CENTERVILLE – [DEVELOPING] – The house that was shot up last evening is the very same location where a “road rage” incident involving a metal baseball bat was reported the night before…




Barnstable Police and COMM FD rushed to 1225 Shoot Flying Hill Road shortly after 9:00PM last evening after someone walked up and fired 6 bullets from outside the residence.

Six bullets entered the front of the home… and one bullet went clear through and out the back side of the home…

(Six shots, no shell casings found…)

A man was lying in bed when one of the bullets went into his back, collapsing one of his lungs, according to sources.

As you will see in the following video, the male shooting victim was then quickly rushed to the nearby COMM FD parking lot and airlifted to an off-Cape trauma center.

A cruiser responding to the shooting scene was involved in a serious crash at the intersection of Route 28 and Old Strawberry Hill Road. A veteran police officer was hurt and transported to CCH. His condition is unknown at the time of this report.

Police have the name of a suspect who may have fled the area in a white Honda Ridgeline… possibly heading toward the New Bedford area.

As mentioned above, police responded to the same address on Tuesday evening for what was initially reported as some type of “road rage” incident, where a suspect smashed out vehicle windows and struck a man in the back with a metal baseball bat…

Officers believe there is much more to this story and Tuesday’s “road rage” incident was likely a little bit more complicated than initially reported…

HN will provide updates and official details as they become available.

The following HN Video highlights all three scenes, the shooting, the airlift, and the cruiser accident…





On 8/2/17 at approximately 2100 hours the Barnstable Police were dispatched to 1225 Shootflying Hill Rd. Centerville for a report of shots fired. Upon arrival, officers discovered that an occupant of the residence had been struck by a bullet. There were several other occupants in the home when the shooting occurred, however they were not injured.

COMM Fire Department responded to the scene, and treated the victim. Shortly thereafter, rescue personnel transported the victim to COMM headquarters, where the victim was airlifted by MedFlight.

The Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department Bureau of Criminal Investigation Unit also responded to the Centerville home to collect evidence from the crime scene.

The Barnstable Police Detective Division is currently investigating the incident.



READER PHOTOS: HN received reader photos and video… according to all accounts, including emergency audio transmissions, a cruiser (reportedly responding to the shooting scene) and Toyota collided at the intersection of Route 28 & Old Strawberry Hill Road. One passenger was entrapped in the Toyota and needed to be extricated using the Jaws of Life. The passenger was said to be “priority one.” HN reviewed reader video and it appears one patient was loaded onto an ambulance in serious “priority one” condition.

The police officer’s condition is still unknown and official details have not yet been released.

The following reader photo was taken shortly after the accident.







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