Rob Bastille is a regionally renowned photojournalist and founder of Hyannis News…

… and was raised right here in Hytown, the Hub of Cape Cod!

Rob’s main desire and mission is to simply document and share spot news scenes with media consumers everywhere.

Rob thoroughly enjoys sharing “good” news, but will not shy away from reporting the stark realities, issues, and ongoing problems his readers need to know about.

Recognizing many Cape Codders voicing a strong need for unflinching local news coverage, Rob founded (HN), which has been around off and on since 2007… eventually becoming a full-time news gathering service in February of 2013.

HN’s basic philosophy is “the truth is the best disinfectant,” since we cannot fix our problems without first knowing they exist.

HN footage is frequently tailored and sold to TV News broadcasts, locally and around the globe!

Rob’s photos, video footage, and breaking news details have been featured on the following news sources:

The History Channel


Good Morning America,

The Today Show,


WBZ Channel 4 News,

WCVB Channel 5 News,

WHDH Channel 7 News,

Boston 25 NEWS,



Fox News (National),

ABC (National),

NBC (National),

CBS (National),

The Daily Mail,

The Mail Online,


Coast to Coast AM (,

WLVI Channel 56 News,

WSBK Channel 38 News,

Time Warner Cable News,

Fios 1 News,


WPRI (Providence),

WJAR (Providence),

The Boston Herald,

The Boston Globe,

The Washington Times,

New York Daily News,,


Asylum Entertainment,

Farallon Films,,,,

Turtle Boy /,


Cape Cod Times,

The Barnstable Patriot,

TV Liste (Brazil)

The Associated Press (AP),


and many others…

*** WATCH *** Various HN footage highlights – January 2020 thru April 2020


H  Y  A  N  N  I  S    N  E  W  S  — Cape Cod’s #1 Breaking News Source! –  Unflinching news, videos, and photos!!!


You’d be surprised who can read HN and not let it get them down…


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