INTRUDER AT THE COMPOUND: Man arrested inside Ted Kennedy Jr.’s home… [Video and NEW DETAILS]

INTRUDER AT THE COMPOUND:  Man arrested inside Ted Kennedy Jr.’s home… [Video and NEW DETAILS]

HYANNISPORT — — UPDATED 7/16/2014 @ 1:30am — At about 9:30pm, Barnstable and Massachusetts State Police rushed to 111 Irving Ave after receiving a call from Ted Kennedy Jr. about a man inside his home.

Ted Kennedy Jr. was not at the Hyannisport address, but rather at his home in Connecticut. He was calling because he was very worried about the possibility of his 16-year-old son being alone inside his Hyannisport home with an intruder.

When Kennedy called the home to check on his teenage son, a stranger answered. Kennedy reportedly spoke with an adult male who identified himself as “James Lacroix.”

Neighbors say they saw the strange man pull into the driveway driving a black Corvette around 6:30pm. The man then remained inside the fenced in property and home for the next three hours.

When police officers later arrived at about 9:30pm, after being called by Kennedy, one patrolman said he observed the intruder inside the kitchen area of the home (according to radio transmissions and initial press release…). When Lt. Michael Clark and Officers John Campbell and Steven Everett arrived they observed an adult male sitting on a couch in what turned out to actually be the living room reading a book.

Police quickly moved in.

“When the officers encountered him, he identified himself as James M. Lacroix, of Mashpee,
and told them he was at the house to see Katie Perry, the entertainer, and John F. Kennedy,
and added that he had a gift to give Katie. Lacroix told the officers that he had entered the
home through an unlocked door. In further conversation it became apparent to the officers
that Mr. Lacroix was detached from reality and may have been suffering from some long
standing psychological issues,” according to a BPD press statement.

“The officers also had conversation with the 16 year old, who was not home when they
arrived but returned there a few minutes after. He reported that he found Mr. Lacroix in the
home when he arrived at around 6:30 pm, and in conversation with Lacroix assumed he was
a friend of one of the family members. The youth stated Lacroix appeared normal and they
had an extensive and interesting conversation before the youth left the home for a friend’s
house,” according to the press statement.

James Lacroix, age 53, was arrested and transported back to Barnstable Police Headquarters where he was charged with “Breaking and Entering in the Daytime.” Lacroix will be arraigned in Barnstable District Court later this morning.

The following video footage of the scene shows Lacroix dressed in a Captain America t-shirt, handcuffed, and being escorted to an awaiting police cruiser parked on Irving Ave. [Press play]

James Lacroix, BPD booking photo, 7/15/2014

Additional photos from scene:

A resident at the address arrives home to find police in his driveway...

The vehicle the suspect arrived in...

Additional RAW Video: The following video shows squad cars surrounding the residence. The intruder was captured shortly thereafter. The video also shows teenagers, as is typical for that neighborhood in the summer months, out wandering around and very likely alarmed that someone would break into one of their friend's homes. It then shows a flat bed tow truck arrive to eventually remove the intruder's vehicle from the property.[Press play]


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